10 of the best social media and content marketing blogs to subscribe to

In a world awash with content marketing or social media experts it can be hard to know who to listen to and what to read. So here, we’ve done the leg work for you and selected some of the best and most useful blogs for you to regularly read, bookmark or subscribe to.

  1. The Content Marketing Institute: This is a good all-rounder blog. It covers everything from social media marketing to content strategy. It regularly shares best practice tips and templates you can download and use in your everyday practice. Plus, it hosts blogs written by some of the best minds in content marketing.
  2. Buffer: Everything you ever needed to know, or wondered, about how to make the most of social media for marketing or online marketing tactics is covered on this blog. The writers regularly share examples of their personal success stories – things they’ve tried and tested that have worked, and are even honest about what doesn’t work. If your job is to stay ahead of what’s happening on all the social channels, this is the best place to start.
  3. Contently: This blog, known as the Content Strategist, covers industry news and views as well as writes about its clients’ work in the guise of case studies. The topics are always on trend and offer insights in the content marketing/social media marketing world.
  4. MOZ: This is where you’ll find out about SEO trends, SEO best practice and inbound marketing tactics. It helpfully segments its blog posts into user-friendly categories at the beginning, so you don’t have to waste time scanning blogs that aren’t directly relevant to your field. It’s a good mixture of tips and technical know-how.
  5. Velocity’s B2B Content Marketing Blog: A B2B must read – often authored by Velocity’s founding partner Doug Kessler, this blog is packed with B2B marketing insights, strategy and tactics. The plain speaking nature of topics on this blog often results in their posts going viral. Some eye-opening headlines have included the recent: No, F-You! How to deal with negative comments, or last year’s: CRAP: The single biggest threat to content marketing.
  6. Marketing Insider Blog: Formerly solely written by B2B marketer and expert Michael Brenner, this blog now plays host to lots of B2B experts sharing their tips, advice and experience on this topic. Topics range from marketing automation, to technology, strategy and psychology.
  7. Social Media Examiner: Not just a blog, this is a place to go to listen to podcasts, download the latest industry reports they’ve written, as well as find out the best social media marketing events to go to around the globe. If you subscribe to this site, you’ll get an abridged/curated version of this action packed site delivered weekly to your inbox.
  8. Convince & Convert: Jay Baer’s blog has become an institution, so much so that it has been named the Number 1 Content Marketing blog in the world, by The Content Marketing Institute this year. This blog covers topics from how to make money from your content, to highlighting best practice examples from brands around the globe. It also publishes digestible podcasts hosted by some of the biggest names in marketing.
  9. Hubspot: This marketing blog covers everything you need to know about marketing automation (a product that it sells), but goes that one step further. It’s really useful, insightful and full of tips and examples of content marketing best practice. The topics it covers are ahead of the curve and very current. Expect to find lots on Pokemon Go, Snapchat and other experimental tactics.
  10. Flockler: We couldn’t really leave our own blog off this list! Published weekly, we provide the latest on social media insights, social media tactics and best practice. We highlight things we’ve seen and loved from our industry as well as share our learnings from working with some of the biggest brands in Europe such as Valio (Finland’s biggest dairy provider), Eurostar, Penguin Random House, Intel and Expedia (to name just a few!).

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