4 examples of brands using influencer marketing tactics

Many brands are harnessing the power of social influencers, and reaping massive rewards. According to Tamba, a digital marketing agency, businesses are making, on average $6.50 for every dollar spent on influencer marketing. More than half of the marketers that Tamba surveyed said they benefited from deeper relationships with their customers after investing in influencer marketing. The same marketers said that influencer marketing has increased their conversion rates by at least 3X and by as much as 10X the average.

So here we’ve taken a look at four brands using influencer marketing and the results they’ve achieved using this tactic.


The UK drinks brand wanted to connect with the much sought after millennial generation. It created a pop-up colouring café, partnering with the artist Alex Lucas, to attract fans and followers to come and interact with the brand. Tapping into the popular trend of adult-colouring books, visitors were asked to contribute to a ‘colourful experience’ by colouring in an illustrative wall tile. The Ribena marketing team took a three-pronged approach to using influencers to spread its message. They worked with Giovanna Fletcher, a high-profile TV personality and well-known vlogger (married to a singer in a boy band); recruited Confetti Crowd, a group of all-girl Instagrammers on a mission to support female empowerment; as well as worked with 30 additional micro-influencers on Instagram. Each influencer created content for the campaign and shared it with their audiences.

The results: According to Ribena’s senior brand manager, Emmeline Purcell, who spoke at the recent Festival of Marketing event, the campaign generated 120 pieces of content, attracted 66,000 visitors to its site and the brand’s perception score went up by 10%; they even attributed the 6% rise in sales of Ribena Light to the use of influencer marketing.


Birchbox, the beauty subscription service available in the UK and the US, teamed up with influencer and lifestyle blogger Emily Schuman, of Cupcakes and Cashmere, to curate one of its monthly beauty goody boxes last year. Birchbox and Schuman (who has 382,000 Instagram followers) both promoted their partnership by posting five Instagram images of their collaboration.

The results: Within days Birchbox received 18,000 likes and reached more than half a million additional consumers.

TaylorMade Golf

TaylorMade Golf, a company with a mission to create the best performing golf products in the world, sponsors and supplies some of the world's top professional golfers including Justin Rose, Sergio Garcia, Darren Clarke, Dustin Johnson, Jason Day, and more. Powered by the content from golfers, Interact content hub combines long-form articles and social content such as tweets, Instagram images, and YouTube videos. As the players are actively creating content and mentioned on social channels, curating the best content keeps their site fresh and engaging. The content hub increases the time spent on TaylorMade's site and drives traffic to both newsletter sign up and product pages.

The results: According to Graeme Morton, Consumer Marketing Manager at TaylorMade, the dwell time of Interact hub is three times higher than anywhere else on the site


Gap, the high-street fashion retailer, has been using influencers for some time. It has teamed up with style bloggers to create its online fashion hub Styld.by. The site hosts blogs written, created and styled by high-profile fashion bloggers – such as Refinery29, Jamie Bauer, and Milli Midwood – who use and feature Gap’s clothes in their articles. Gap also encourages fans to post their own content, known as user-generated content, in an area called #styldby.You. Customers of the brand are invited to post their images of their own looks/style on Instagram using the hashtag #styldby, which is then pulled in and repurposed on the fashion brand’s hub.

Results: By partnering with bloggers and fashion influencers, Gap has been able to increase its reach exponentially. Just one of the fashion bloggers, Refinery29, has 969,000 Instagram followers that they’re sharing their posts with on a regular basis.

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