5 ways to create videos for free

The cost of video production, until now, has been prohibitively high for small businesses and start-ups. Well, not anymore. The latest technology available to download from the app-sore now means you can shoot cinema-style films – all from your smartphone. All you need is a little creativity, some time to play around and you too can create some amazing footage for your blog or social media channel. And the beauty about the apps (the ones we’ve selected) is that they are free.

Here we’ve compiled the best reviews of five apps:

1 Directr

Directr, recently bought by YouTube, is an app aimed at small businesses. It’s great for those who want use it to shoot short videos for marketing purposes. The films are easy to share as they are simple to upload on to your blog, Facebook page or YouTube channel. You can even embed them in your newsletters. The app provides help with things like frame selection and building a storyboard, to provide “point-and-shoot moviemaking” on a smartphone.

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2 Epic

The app, recently launched by the creators of Viddy, allows you to capture short video clips (usually four to eight seconds) and display them in slow motion without sound. The brief clips, have a cinematic quality as they do not produce jittery or erratic videos which can sometimes happen on otherapps. And because the slow-motion effects exaggerate the length of the clip, Epic content feel less like video and more like time-lapsed images.

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3 Instagram

Instagram, due to its 1.5m existing users, is a leading contender among the social video-shooting-and-sharing. As it does for photos, Instagram lets you adapt your video shares with nostalgic filters. It more than doubles Vine's time limit on your mini-productions, to 15 seconds. Plus it allows you to change the focus while shooting.

It lets you delete "scenes" or sub-movies, but it doesn't let you use material already in your Camera roll.

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4 Qwiki

Yahoo's recent acquisition of Qwiki has pushed this startup to the forefront of quick video sharing apps. A couple of key differences set Qwiki apart from Vine, Instagram and others here. It not only lets you use video you've already shot that's sitting in your iPhone's Camera roll, but you can also include still photos in your production too. The Qwiki app and online service automatically edits the media, adding transitions and a soundtrack.

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5 Socialcam

Socialcam, from design software giant Autodesk, is another app that's more Instagram-like than Vine, in that it lets you apply effect filters to the video you shoot with its in-app camera interface. It also lets you add title text to your video in a variety of themes, and you can even add background music. Socialcam's full-fledged video social network sports a leaderboard, favoriting, commenting and profile pages. It's even got its own cadre of celebrities for you to follow, including MC Hammer, Madonna, and Soulja Boy.

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