5 ways to use Instagram live video

1. Q&A sessions

Live video from your office can be used to engage with your audience in real time. You can invite your followers to take part in a Q&A with some of the key people in your business. Real-time interactions can help you to build stronger relationships with your customers and show the personal side of your brand.

2. Launches and announcements

You can use live video to celebrate a product launch or big announcement. You can let the world know about your big news in real-time and ask for their opinions and feedback to your product launch/announcement the same time. The car manufacturer Nissan live streamed the launch of one if its latest models at New York’s auto show.

3. Take people behind-the-scenes

People love to go behind the scenes. Fashion brands have been capitalising on this desire for some time. Brooklyn Beckham recently showed his fans the behind the scenes shots of his latest ad campaign for a smartphone brand. More than 891,000 fans have watched his film, and more than 3,000 have left a comment about it.

4. Interviews, collaborations and takeovers

Takeovers have been extremely popular on Instagram stories, with brands teaming up to create content for each other’s stories, it’s predicted that this tactic will transition to Instagram live video as well. Airbnb partnered with Disney as part of its Live There marketing campaign earlier this year. They used Facebook Live to stream interviews from the red carpet at the Jungle Book premiere. Tactics like this can be applied to Instagram Live too.

5. Experimental content

Experimental content often catches people off guard and has the potential to delight and shock them. When done well, it can garner a tremendous response and can turn something silly into an internet craze. A recent example of a piece of fun content came from Buzzfeed, which used Facebook Live to broadcast two of its employees trying to burst a watermelon with rubber bands. The video has now amassed over 11 million views on Facebook and at its peak had over 800,000 people watching live.

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