Content marketing for universities: 3 cases

Students are active social media users and know their way around the internet - let them help you get your message out there and build a new, inspiring atmosphere!

You don’t need any technical skills to set up Flockler-powered website. It’s never been this easy to showcase people sharing their ideas, experiences and thoughts - and everyone, both students and faculty members, have something to say! You might just not know it yet.

With a little help from Flockler you can easily collect and publish everything people say about you on social media channels and use it for your advantage. And don’t forget aggregating even more social feedback through competitions and other extras!

If user-generated content is not already a part of your content strategy, it should be. People love to see how other people feel about things and what they do with it. Just seeing other people’s comments in a social media feed will create a personal feel that’s been proven to raise conversion rate and make people spend more time on your site. This always comes with a nice little SEO boost, not to even mention the decrease in content generation costs and in time used to deal with it.

Are you fresh out of ideas or just want to know more? Check out how some universities have used Flockler!

Leeds Trinity University: Social hub

Leeds Trinity University realised how much people have to say. That’s why they now have a social media hub where all the best content gets collected and published. Social hub is easy-to-use and customise, plus it’s always automatically optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop.

Way to go, Leeds Trinity University! They can expect to see an increase in session length, a decrease in content generation costs and a boost in their SEO results.

Look it up here!

University of Chichester: Picture Yourself at Chichester

University of Chichester came up with a brand new way to welcome their new and future students. They created a new social site called “Picture Yourself at Chichester”.

Site works by automatically gathering content from different social channels. It’s really easy to use and makes the best out of content that’s already out there, published by both the University and their students.

Social site creates a welcoming community and makes it easier than ever to get a real feel of the university - and what would be a better way to make people want to apply?

University of East London: inFocus

University of East London wanted to get all their news out there in a way that would actually capture people’s attention, so they came up with inFocus - a new site that helps them to take the full advantage of their vast and diverse community and make it an essential part of their content strategy.

InFocus is based on a Flockler publishing platform, that not just makes content creation super easy but also makes it possible to give a voice to not only the editorial team but everyone in the community. They are now not only broadcasting news but creating a whole new avenue for conversation.

University of East London is now taking the lead and showing how to create a full social community! You need to see this.

Inspiring stories? You can be next! Start your free trial and find out how Flockler would be part of your content marketing.

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