Create channel specific content to improve ROI

Forget the one size fits all approach to creating content, the most successful brands on social tailor their content to the channel they’re publishing it on and then gather all that content to one social hub. Focus on the channels where your target audience is active and your ROI is high.

Here we’ve pulled together a brief guide to creating the most successful content for each channel:

Facebook: Is all about colour visuals – photos, gifs and videos increase a person’s willingness to read the piece by 80%. Researchers have found that when people hear information, they’re only able to remember 10% of it three days later. When the same information is paired with an image, 65% of people can remember the information three days later. According to the new media giant itself, brands that post content along with images see 2.3 times more engagement with their content than those that don’t. And if you’re still doubting whether to use images on this channel, Facebook ranks posts with pictures higher than plain text posts in its news feed algorithm.

SnapChat: The playful teen app has grown up and now has more than 100 million daily users. Brands wanting to get a piece of this action, and engagement with this audience, need to focus their efforts on creating videos. SnapChat has outgrown its initial concept of ephemeral messaging, and announced recently that its users were now viewing 10 billion videos a day (which is more than Facebook’s last public tally for daily views). Brands have been allowed to create ‘SnapChat stories’ that have a longer shelf life and are available for people to view multiple times. SnapChat recently said that marketers can now use advertorial content on this channel – allowing them to create videos that exceed the original 10 second time limit.

Twitter: Home to the short and sweet content, users have traditionally been constrained to a 140-character limit. But recent changes mean that Tweeters can now add media and images without impinging on this restriction. Many have started to adopt Twitter’s own ‘Twitter Cards’ (which have been around since 2012) to add photos, videos and other media experiences, like animated gifs, to create content rich Tweets, which have helped to drive traffic back to their own websites. Early adopters, such as car maker Acura, American Football league NFL as well as the Mars sweets brand Skittles, have all used Twitter Cards to successfully increase engagement with their followers.

YouTube: OK, it’s obvious that YouTube is all about video, yet this channel also plays a key role in search, it’s now the second largest search engine to Google. So savvy brands have switched their strategy from uploading TV-style commercials to posting tutorials and how-to style content on this channel. The most popular videos are useful, informative and entertaining. Brands that are creating this style of content are able to capture, engage and bring their audience back to them, via subscriptions. YouTube has reported that subscriptions are up by 47% year on year as many viewers are requesting to stay connected to their favourite brands.

Instagram: This is one of the most loved social channels, second to Facebook, and it is gaining in popularity by the day. It now has more than 400 million users posting stylised images on this channel each day. According to a recent Pew Research Centre report a staggering 26% of the adult internet population are now on Instagram. Brands wanting to keep their followers engaged should post infographics, money off vouchers, behind the scenes images and photos showing faces (these attract 38% more likes than photos that don’t use people). Videos should be short and include exclusive, never-been-seen-before content to elicit views and drive engagement. The great thing about focusing your attention on Instagram is that the content you create here can be repositioned to support your blog and Facebook visual strategy.

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