How content curation can double engagement and increase sales

Social media expert Johanna Tahlo has a great passion for music and social media. She is one of the founders of Hurja Media, a social media agency based in Finland, who helps many music-related companies in the Nordics navigate the world of social. Tahlo has been using Flockler’s technology to help her latest client msonic, the leading distributer of entertainment technology, to raise its profile in the audio visual industry. Here she talks to Flockler about the importance of content curation, how it can increase engagement and lead to more sales.

Why have you chosen to use Flockler’s platform for your client msonic?

We knew msonic needed to do something original and unique to make them stand out from their competitors. We chose to work with Flockler because we knew that it was great at aggregating and curating social media, as well as being a great blogging platform. We love the outlook of the site and how you can organise content easily into different sections, plus it looks great on mobile.

Why is it important for companies like msonic to be able to incorporate social media posts on to their site?

Using social content adds meaning for the customers and gives them something more. This kind of content is authentic, because it comes from the people who are already using the equipment. Incorporating social content shows potential customers why and how they should use the tools and technology, and it endorses the products that msonic sells. The social content provides potential customers with current, up-to-date real life stories, from people who are already using the products.

How important is it for msonic to curate and use stakeholder content?

It’s really important and msonic curates the most useful content created by its stakeholders. Not only does this save them time, it also saves money. The stakeholder content is already there on the manufacturer’s site, and repurposing it benefits msonic (as it gives its site new and fresh content) as well as the manufacturers of the equipment too (as they ultimately sell more products as a result).

How can SMEs use social content by stakeholders to create more dynamic and engaging sites?

If there are other companies producing subject-related content, then curating this is absolutely the best way to create content. We believe that websites should contain at least 50% curated content and 50% original content. But the curator needs to know their subject area and be inside the business, because they’ve got to select the best and most relevant content that their audience is looking for on the right channels. This is no easy job; the curator not only needs to select the most relevant content for their audience, they also need to understand how social channels work to get the most from the content.

How can content curation help SMEs increase engagement/time spent on site?

If your website curates all the relevant content from your industry into one place, then your audience doesn’t have to look any further than your site. They don’t have to go looking for content in other places. This means they will spend longer on your site because they can find all the information they want there. And they will come back to you again and again, as your site will become a trusted source. We’ve seen this happen with msonic. Using Flockler’s technology we’ve been able to curate, using the automated publishing function, all the related manufacturer’s content onto its site. We’ve then been able to select and publish the best bits and shared it on social too.

msonic has been using the Flockler platform for almost a year. What improvements have you seen?

Curating social content from the music equipment manufacturing industry has meant we’ve more than doubled the time people spend on msonic’s site. They’re now on it for many minutes at a time and, we can see from the analytics dashboard that, they surf the site and check out what’s going on too. We can see that msonic’s users are not only interested in the content we’ve created about the products, but that they are reading the reviews and the social content we’ve pulled in too, and this has helped to generate more sales as a result. msonic has also received great feedback from its customers about the new content-based website and as a bonus, msonic has attracted a lot more people to the site, many of who now want to contribute blog posts for it (for free!).

Hurja Media, which specialises in designing social media strategies, coaching and creating sharable content, has offices in Tampere and Helsinki.

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