How to create a publishing schedule for your content?

Producing great content is only part one of your content strategy. Part two is working out what to do with it. Releasing all of it at once is a waste of all your hard work. Your content needs to be spread out and drip feed onto your blog throughout the month and across the year. This helps you to be consistent in your messages and keeps your campaign/content going for longer.

Most content marketers create some form of publishing schedule. This can take the form of seeding something out daily, following it up by publishing a piece of content a week later and then releasing a bigger meatier piece at the end the month or quarter. Or, turning this method on its head, it can be in the form of creating a large piece of content first, then breaking it up into bite sized pieces and spreading it out throughout the quarter. For example 1,500 special report (which is too much to read in one go) can become: a 5 minute podcast, a Q&A with the author of the report, a visual infographic or 200 word blog with the highlights etc.

Content kings, Ann Handley & CC Chapman in their book, Content Rules, say introducing a publishing schedule can help you to create a “content food chain” which gives your content consistency and makes it easier to manage. They have suggested a formula, based on Russell Sparkman’s (of Fusionspark Media) original idea, of 1-7-30-4-2-1.  Like they have, you can adapt and annotate this concept to suit your own needs. Broadly speaking here’s the formula with some suggestions that you can play around with:

1 = Do something DAILY

  • This could be a Tweet that offers something useful or fun for your followers to share
  • Share a piece of content you’ve read & liked from another media outlet on your Facebook page
  • Respond to comments posted on your blog or comment on an industry blog or LinkedIn discussion

7 = Do something WEEKLY

  • Write at least one new blog post each week
  • Create a how-to article or a list of useful blogs you’ve read that week
  • Post a thought-provoking image to your Instagram account

30 = Do something MONTHLY

  • Conduct an interview with an industry specialist/or with one of your brand fans
  • Produce a short video
  • Research & create an infographic on a topic trending in your industry

4 = Do something QUARTERLY

  • Publish a research-led blog post
  • Design & create a useful e-book – that makes your customer’s lives easier, healthier or saves them time/money
  • Devise a user-generated content campaign with an incentive/reward for those that take part

2 = Do something BIANNUALLY

  • Host a roundtable event, record your session & release the video on your blog
  • Attend an industry event and create a news report on what you learnt
  • Launch a new social media campaign – focus on just one of the mediums (test out what works & learn from the response)

1 = Do something ANNUALLY

  • Raise money & awareness for a cause close to your heart & create a special report on your blog
  • Team up with another brand/company to create an in-depth complimentary piece of content
  • Produce an annual update – what trends were found & followed/predictions for the year ahead

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