How to create the most engaging Facebook posts

Winning the attention battle on Facebook is hard. But there are some tried and tested posts that really do engage with your brand fans. Here we’ve selected five of the best types of posts that really do work on this channel.

1. Photos

Facebook recognised early on that the most engaging content on its platform was pictures. A recent survey of 500 brands on the social network showed that 93% of the most engaged posts from this group were photos. The survey said that people prefer to interact with photos more than with any other type of post, such as simple status updates, links, or videos. 

Starbucks is the master at using strong imagery on its Facebook page which its followers love. At the beginning of this month (November 2014) it posted a montage of its new Christmas cups and it has already generated almost 50,000 likes.

2. Questions

People loved to be asked for their opinions and brands have been quick to harness this kind of engagement with their followers. Open ended questions elicit fewer responses than questions asked with a choice of answers. Brands that reveal the results of their responses from their followers continue to build on this engagement.

American real estate search app, Zillow, frequently asks its brand fans for their opinions on houses from their database – in the style of: “which would you prefer?” It’s most recent question asked which kids bedroom would they choose for a family reunion – giving its audience a choice of four styles.

3. Tapping into the news agenda

Keeping your content and posts current and news worthy is a good way to enhance engagement with your brand, even if the news has nothing to do with your industry. Take the online fashion retailer, Boden. It posted an image of The Tower of London’s Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Redinstallation on Remembrance Sunday and got more likes (507) than it had from earlier fashion related posts that weekend.

4. Offer an incentive

UK insurance giant has crafted a distinct brand image on Facebook that seems to be engaging its fans effectively. Just this week it asked its followers to share one parenting tip in exchange for the chance of winning £250 in shopping vouchers. It created the hashtag #milestonemoments. So far 728 people have liked the page with 172 sharing on their news feed. In addition it has received 764 comments in just two days of the post going live.

5. Say where fans can meet you

The Japanese luxury car maker, Lexus, recently unveiled its latest model, the Molten Pearl Lexus NX, at The Sema Show in Las Vagas to an eagerly awaiting on & off-line crowd. It had more than 14,000 likes and attracted 158 comments and more than 700 shares. The follow-up photos from the show had more than 10,000 likes and 59 comments – many of which were from people endorsing the brand.

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