How to use Facebook Live for marketing

“We are at the beginning of a golden age of online video”, said Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg in his keynote speech at the FBF8 Live in April 2016. In February Facebook opened Live video up to everyone and the response, said Zuckerberg, has been ‘amazing’.

Facebook has found that people will watch live videos for longer – and comment as much as 10 times more on them than regular videos. Why? Because the videos are unfiltered and personal. “Going live takes the pressure off having to find the perfect photo or video, because everyone knows it’s live and not curated,” said Zuckerberg.

Celebrities and public figures, such as the US comedian Jimmy Fallon and rock band U2 who’ve been experimenting with Live for several months, have found they are getting bigger audiences on Facebook Live than they are on their TV shows. Since last week Facebook has now rolled out Live to brands and everyday users so that “everyone in the world now has the power to share anything they want with anyone”, said Zuckerberg.

Here we share our five ideas of how marketers can use Facebook Live video to create authentic and meaningful content:

1 Live stream an event:

Not everyone can make it your latest event, for those that can’t travel or who live abroad, you can now use Facebook Live to stream what’s happening in your world, in real time. This is something that US fitness guru Christine Dwyer does on her Facebook page. The lifestyle and aerobics instructor live streams her hour long fitness classes on a monthly basis. Fans can tune in to watch and be part of the class and learn the latest moves. Dwyer intersperses her Facebook videos with two minute video instructionals – like how to get a flat stomach or improve your abs.

2 Host Live Q&As:

Live video means your audience can now engage with you during a broadcast. Viewers can now comment and instantly send their reactions to you during your live video. Viewers can use eRenowned US marketer and Silicon Valley venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki recently hosted a live talk about ‘how to rock the first 90 days of your job’ on his Facebook page. During his broadcast he regularly stopped to read responses and take questions from his 4.9k audience. It was a really fresh and honest way for fans to connect with someone who otherwise would be out of reach for many.

3 Announce your latest news:

US marketing and communications specialist Scott Monty hosts a weekly Live show #SundayswithScott where he announces his latest news as well as comments on and analyses what’s happening in the marketing world. He uses the platform to promote his popular weekly curated newsletter, The Full Monty, by giving those who tune in a sneak preview of what’s in it in the coming week. He regularly interacts with his viewer’s comments by reading them out and responding to them instantly. Car brands, such as Nissan and General Motors, have also been using Facebook Live to announce their latest product launches.

4 Take fans behind the scenes:

Take your fans on an exclusive behind the scene tour and give them a glimpse into your world. This is a perfect tool for those in the show biz world and has been done by many of the world’s biggest fashion brands including Marc Jacobs and DKNY. Marketers of the popular Madden video game gave its fans a snap shot live behind the scenes video of its players.

5 Team up with GoPro:

Fans of extreme sports and the action camera GoPro can now live stream their dare devil stunts to the world, in real time with the Live4 GoPro. The Live4 GoPro Facebook Page is packed with live videos of rowers, knight fighters, skiers, roller-skaters as well as live performances and concerts. These are just some of the many ways you can use this tech to engage with your fans.

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