How to use social media as part of your marketing strategy

Social media marketing agency owner and director Johanna Tahlo from Hurja Media talks to Flockler about how SMEs can be savvy with social.

1 Have a presence where your customers are:

“If your customers are on social media and then you need to be there too, but only if it’s relevant. You always have to think where your target group are. If you’re speaking to young girls under 15 years old, perhaps Snapchat is the best place for you. If you’re targeting a company’s decision maker, LinkedIn might be the best place.”

2 Don’t be afraid to pay to promote your posts:

“Organic visibility happens if you have great content. But in general if you publish content for example on Facebook, you will only reach from 1% to 2% of your audience organically. When your content is actually social (as it should be in social media) all the comments, shares and likes gives you more visibility. With interesting content that’s shared, and matches Facebook’s algorithm, you’ll reach more people. But you can pay as little as 5 € for your good content to reach large amount of your audience, if you know how to target it. And remember, bad content is expensive.”

3 Create content that adds value:

“You always need attention grabbing content, it can be video or pictures – but you have to think about what type of content your audience is waiting for. The best kind of content provides information, it tells interesting real-life stories; it must give value for the reader, that’s the main thing. If you can’t be funny or entertaining, you’ve got to be useful and informative.”

4 Include video:

“If you’re creating video to entertain people, keep it short. Remember that you always have to catch up the attention of the audience with first couple minutes. Informational videos can be longer. People will spend up to 10 minutes watching a tutorial. And never forget to consider where your video is located and shared depending on who you want to watch it.”

5 Don’t forget to use the hashtag:

“The hashtag is very important because it’s an easy way to gather together social media content, especially if you’re using Flockler’s platform. A good hashtag can be one of the ways you establish yourself as a brand. It’s good to use your name, just because if people buy your products or services they can use the hashtag on Twitter or Instagram to tag your brand.”

6 Tailor your content for each channel:

“This is very important – because your target group usually isn’t the same on Facebook or Instagram as it is on say LinkedIn or Snapchat. You should not be talking to different target groups in the same way. Different groups speak in different languages. So the style of content should change depending on who you’re talking to. And of course, if you’re on Instagram – you’ve got to have an interesting picture. And if you’re on Facebook you need text to support your image.”

7 Social content is the future of websites:

“Something that I’m very often asked is what is the future of websites? And do we need them anymore? I believe websites will be about content curation and content creation. They will be more of a platform that gathers content from social channels and a place where you find product info alongside all other forms of content. But the future of websites is about serving up fresh content alongside pulling content in from other social channels as well.”

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