How to use Wufoo forms to collect & publish user-generated content

It's no secret that we love Wufoo's easy-to-use form builder and plenty of our clients already use it to gather leads, embed questionnaires to articles, ask guests to RSVP to their events etc. During the last two years we've built tens of sites with image upload form enabling our clients to gather content from their employees, customers and other stakeholders. That's great, but the process always required a lot of manual work as all the forms are slightly different per client (fields, email notification, csv export etc.).

Our Wufoo integration enables our clients to create their own forms in a few minutes and collect text and images from their audience. Here's how:

Step #1: Create your form on Wufoo. Add at least name, email address, description and upload file for images.

Step #2: Login to Flockler and click ‘Wufoo forms’ on the left. Add ‘Permanent link’ and ‘API Key’ from Wufoo.

Step 3: Select a section of your Flockler site where you’d like content to be stored

Step #4: Match Wufoo form’s fields with Flockler post fields (e.g. Title of the story & Article title). Click ‘Save’ when all done.

Step #5: Copy the embed code and embed it to your Flockler article just like YouTube video or any other content via embed code.

Step 6: Ask your employees, customers and other stakeholders to fill in the form on your site and upload their image.

Step 7: Data is stored to Wufoo, but also to section’s ‘Inbox’. You can edit the post just like any other Flockler post and drag ’n drop to right to publish.

Step 8: Wufoo! That’s it!

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