How user generated content and social data can boost your content marketing

There are many traditional ways to gain insights into your audiences on social. You can create a piece of content, post it to a social network and then use the platforms’ free analytical tools to find out the basics about your audience, such as how many followers you have, the number of likes each piece of content receives, how many shares, the number of retweets, etc. Tools such as Google Analytics and Hootsuite can take the data a step further and analyse audience reach and engagement with content, so you can tell which pieces of content resonate with your customers, and replicate the format again and again.

But there are other ways of using social to gain deeper and more meaningful insights into your audience, which typically involves authentic collaboration between you and them, otherwise known as user generated content. To be successful at understanding your audience, you need to encourage them to participate in your content creation process either at the beginning, during or after the process. This participation will enable you to gather data and helps you to:

  • Identify themes and trends
  • Create more meaningful content and increase the engagement on social
  • Create marketing ideas or even new product lines
  • Use the data for personalised and targeted advertising on social

Here are few examples how our clients have encouraged their customers to participate in content creation process:


Yle, the national broadcasting company in Finland, has been using Flockler’s platform to help shape and guide its editorial content. They knew healthcare for the elderly was a contentious issue, so before they created any articles, features and news stories around this topic, they wanted to find out which angles their audience were interested in. They asked their audience to post their personal stories and views about the Finnish healthcare system for the elderly on social. They had a tremendous response from the public, who sent both positive and negative accounts of their experiences of the system. The journalists were then able to see the trends in the mass of content they received, and create articles and videos based on the most popular topics. It was also a great way for the journalists to source real-life stories that then became the basis for many of their news reports.


If you’re a brand that has a niche audience or a hardcore group of fans or followers, you can ask them to collaborate in the content creation process to enhance engagement. Finland’s leading broadcaster MTV, which hosted reality TV show Big Brother, invited several viewers who were key influencers on social to become fan reporters and tweeters during its 10th annual live show in 2014. They brought the influencers into the production team’s inner circle and incorporated the content they created, such as Instagram pictures, tweets, and blogs, on to their main website. MTV’s executive producer said that 2014 saw record numbers tune in to watch the live shows, and that the viewers generated hundreds of thousands of pieces of content which MTV was able to select the best of to repurpose on its site.


If you’re a brand with existing content, you can ask your fans and customers to add to their comments, experiences, photos and videos to your site to enrich your content offering and learn more about your customers. A Finnish hotel brand, Holiday Club Resorts, not only creates relevant information about each destination their hotels are situated in; it carries current social content from its customers to complement its existing content too. Also, the holiday company has added a social element to its booking page. Just before prospective customers book their holiday, they are presented with a showcase page, with “social proof” such as comments, photos, ratings, etc. from previous visitors to that destination, to show off what’s on offer there. Since adding social to the site, the hotel brand has experienced an uplift in conversions by 20-30%, increased engagement with its customers and boosted its organic SEO efforts too.

Next level of customer understanding & experiences with Flockler

Flockler’s platform has been designed to curate user-generated content and automatically gather it into one place, based on a keyword or #hashtag campaign. You can monitor your UGC content and use it to identify the patterns and behaviours of your audience, as well as pinpoint trending topics and themes being discussed.

Flockler platform is your social CRM. It stores the customer data from social channels and analyses the popularity and engagement of social content. It displays how many comments and likes each piece of content published by you or your audience has generated, and shows which individuals are actively engaging with your content, and out of those, who has the most influence.

Increase your conversion rates by using the data to create personalised website experience, and to send targeted messaging via email and social channels to most engaged & valuable customers. In addition, your marketing team can use the data in many ways such as to identify themes and trends, get ideas for future content & marketing campaigns, and create new product lines.

Social analytics report example

With Flockler, you can gather and display social media feeds from your favourite channels. See the full list of supported content types and sources

Flockler helps marketers like you to create social media feeds and display user-generated content on any digital service increasing dwell time and drive conversions.

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