Four steps to scale your content marketing

This blog post was inspired by Growth Everywhere podcast where the host Eric Siu and SEO expert Brian Dean discuss strategies and tactics that have helped Backlinko's traffic to increase from 0 to 90.000 visits a month.

How to create shareable content and scale your content marketing

In the podcast, Brian discusses skyscraper technique for content creation, SEO, and content promotion. In a nutshell, the technique follows four simple steps:

  1. Define keywords for SEO.
  2. Find great content in your niche and create a list of people sharing it.
  3. Analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the original content and make it better.
  4. Promote the content to the people listed in step 2.

Any content creation should start with defining the keywords you are targeting – in other words, listing the keywords and search phrases where you'd like to improve your search engine ranking to eventually accelerate your sales. That includes both the keywords derived from your products and services, but also topics that your target audience is actively searching for and that are closely related to your business. For example, search terms like 'social wall' and 'social media aggregation tool' are directly associated with Flockler, but we also serve our core audience (marketing professional like you!) with topics such as optimising FB live broadcasts.

The second step is to find great content using the selected keyword(s) and create a list of people who are sharing that content. Obviously, the total number of people sharing the content is vast, so you might only want to pick those who have a lot of followers and are influential in the topic or have been able to create a lot of engagement (likes, discussion, etc.). That's where tools like BuzzSumo will come in handy.

The third step is to analyse the original piece of content; what makes this article successful and on the other hand, how could you make it even better. To give you a few examples, you can achieve this by making the content a bit more in-depth, update the original post with fresh data, or use a new content format to make it more digestible (say infographic).

The last and the most time-consuming part is the content promotion. Use the list of people who have shared the original article (step 2), and reach out to them with your new piece of content. Of course, you can message them on social channels, but according to Brian, the even more powerful method is to send them targeted emails. You can use services like Taskeater to create a list of email addresses and use email outreach tools to scale the volume of emails.

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