MondoPlayer and Flockler – A marriage made in content marketing heaven

Cristian Worthington, CEO and Co-Founder of MondoPlayer

Great video is the ultimate dream for all content marketers.

However, there are just a couple of problems. It's expensive to create and even more difficult to find. Luckily though, the development of a new tool to help marketers search for relevant video content is about to make this problem an issue of the past.

In an interview with CEO and co-founder of MondoPlayer, Cristian Worthington, we found out what makes their product so unique and why it will transform the work of marketing professionals the world over. We also discussed why this groundbreaking tool goes hand-in-hand with the services of Flockler, enhancing the already highly beneficial solutions both products can provide.

What is MondoPlayer and why was it developed?

MondoPlayer is a search engine designed for video, and for professionals interested in video content marketing. What MondoPlayer has done is build a search engine that finds video even if it's buried in an article or blog post, revealing enormous amounts of video content previously invisible to normal search engines. If you think about it, the internet is actually built upside-down. Video is the most engaging form of content. It's the most desired form of content. It's the most shared form of content. It's the most consumed form of content. Constituting over two-thirds of traffic on the internet it is the most dominant form of content. However, if you search for video through a search engine, the entire process is text-based. Video is buried in the web page behind layers of text information.

What does MondoPlayer offer that, for instance, YouTube doesn't?

YouTube presently has less than a third of video that's publicly available on the internet. Increasingly, companies are embedding their video on their web pages because it is content that costs them a lot of money to develop. The content is valuable, and they want visitors to come to their website to see it – not to YouTube! What that leaves us with is an internet where video is spread out across different sites. Also, the really good video content is often embedded and thus not easily available on YouTube.

When you do a search on MondoPlayer you might not think much of it. What's happening is a remarkable process cutting through vast quantities of text, crawling through thousands of pages to get that next video up on your screen. We've created a purpose-built search engine just to discover these videos. In many cases, these videos are, quite literally, hiding in plain sight. They can be seen by humans but not by search engines. That is the real achievement of MondoPlayer.

Why is MondoPlayer so useful for content marketers?

Ultimately as a content marketer, you're trying to be a resource for your clients. Video content is not only valuable in terms of drawing people in but also keeping them at your site. If your content strategy is based solely on videos that you create, where you don't collate video produced by others, very quickly you realise it's impossible unless you have an enormous budget. What our product does is allow you to fill your site with curated video, making a more engaging environment for your video or content.

The other huge factor is time. The average person doing marketing for their site or service is overwhelmed. I get the sense that most people think what content marketers are doing is just sitting on Facebook all day. They have no idea how challenging it is to be persistent at different marketing strategies. Consistency is the key. Your content has to be fresh, and you have to be regularly posting new content. For many marketers in the industry, there's a shadow hanging over us. We are constantly aware that there are an infinite number of things we could be doing. I see lots of people interested in making videos but there's no way to make that process cheaper or faster. However, if you use MondoPlayer to find and curate video more efficiently, you really have something that can impact enormously on your process.

How do the products of MondoPlayer and Flockler complement each other?

The MondoPlayer search engine allows content marketers to find video content and then efficiently post it to a platform like Flockler. You can either post content manually or set the autopilot feature to allow our RSS feed to automatically display the video on your content hub. Rather than doing what's called ‘framing', we show you the entire web page and don't alter how you see the video. We've coined a phrase for this called ‘video rich content', where the content is not exclusively video but perhaps has information or an article wrapped around it. Users can choose to consume that content in the manner that's most convenient. Perhaps you only read the text because you're on your mobile and don't want to view the video. Reading the content then enhances the value of the video because it's in the original context.

In an environment like Flockler sharing videos that have text around them is very important. Flockler features parts of the video's text content and that text is what's attracting traffic. First, the text attracts the search engine then it attracts the human. Once people's eyeballs are on the content being presented on Flockler, the person then has a reason to stay.

In addition, MondoPlayer has a feature that allows you to build a complex search under a topic, looking for multiple search terms concurrently. When curating video for a content marketing strategy, you have to increase the scope of your search. Finding videos on a certain topic is a thousand times harder than finding text. You can set the autopilot to feed the search results to Flockler, which then presents the content in real time on your website or content hub. In this way, MondoPlayer seamlessly integrates like it's part of the same system.

It seems like Flockler and MondoPlayer were almost made for each other! Cristian – thank you for your time and thanks for helping us to understand just how easy video marketing can be.

Given the popularity of video, it's only a matter of time before MondoPlayer is the default service for all marketers driving forward video content as part of their strategy. MondoPlayer is an essential tool for all content marketing professionals. Combined with the simple and flexible platform of Flockler, MondoPlayer is making video the next big thing.

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