Three chefs using social content to drive engagement with their fans

Chefs are just some of the new social media celebrities creating great sharable content – from snippets of their busy ‘real’ lives, back stage pranks from their TV shows, to new recipes, sharing cooking tips and alerting diners to menu changes at their restaurants – they are using the social channels to the max. They fill their instagram accounts with beautifully crafted photographs of their creations as well include mini video clips with the likes of how to cook the perfect egg. In return the chefs are rewarded by an influx of retweets, likes, comments and even images from their fans trying to recreate some of their signature dishes – raising the chef’s profiles across social media channels as well as giving their brand an organic SEO boost as well. Here we take a look at three of the best social chefs using content to drive engagement with their fans.

Jamie Oliver

King of content, Jamie’s team knows how to work the social channels to his advantage. Filled with filtered images of great looking food and trendy looking people his instagram account is brimming with content and engaged fans too. He’s stocked his account with images taken from his annual food and music festival as well as promoting his charity work with schools and of course his new TV series and accompanying book. His team are currently running a competition for fans to win a new signed copy of his book by asking them to upload images of their food creations taken from his new TV series– asking them to tag photos with hashtag #JamiesSuperFood – they’ve already received hundreds of entries. Move over to Twitter and his feed replicates some of what is on instagram but includes fresh and unique content and links to his magazine, YouTube channel and website

In a recent interview with The Drum The Jamie Oliver Group’s social media manager Subi Gnanaseharam said they use social to listen to their fans and find out what they want to see Jamie do next. This strategy underlies everything the editorial team then creates. Jamie is renowned for being hands-on on social giving his accounts a personal touch – sharing snippets of his business and family life too. “He shares everything and that’s what makes it impactful and engaging,” Gnanaseharam said. Photography is at the heart of Jamie’s content strategy says Gnanaseharam and that no message is released on social without an accompanying image. “Pictures are our strongest tool. That’s where user generated content comes across as well. We get thousands of pictures shared with us every day – and that’s not just people cooking the recipes. It’s from people who are empowering themselves by learning to cook from scratch, educating them about the food globally,” she revealed.

Daniel Doherty from London’s Duck & Waffle restaurant

The chef, most famous for opening London’s first 24 hour restaurant on the 40th Floor of Heron Tower, has taken to social like a duck to water. He’s a regular tweeter – from updating fans of menu changes to sharing up and coming events that he’s taking part in such as hosting breaksfast at London’s hippest pop up restaurant – London in the Sky. A former blogger for The Independent, where for a year he shared his views and insight into the industry as well his thoughts on current affairs, he’s no stranger to writing content. In fact he’s just released his first cook book Duck & Waffle: Recipes and Stories is a regular guest on various cooking programmes. Although he’s not as prolific or proficient as Jamie – who has a whole team doing his social, Daniel is using social to good effect.

Henri Alen

The Finnish chef has an almost cult-like status in his home country amassing almost 50,000 followers on twitter. This is one of the largest number of followers any single person has in Finland – making him the nation’s favourite celebrity chef. He likes to keep it real on social channels sharing video clips of life in his restaurant’s kitchen and behind the scenes shots of him and his staff creating great food. Such is his popularity and influence that when he tweeted a new recipe earlier this year that recommended a certain brand of tinned tomatoes – supermarkets and shops across the country sold out within days of the product mention.

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