Three simple, easy to use and cost effective tools to help you create new content

We can all do with some help and inspiration when it comes to creating original content. Here are three tools that will get you organised, manage your time effectively, help you create something unique as well as allow you to discover who is reading and sharing your content.

Focus Booster

Based on the Pomodoro Technique (the idea that you work more effectively in short bursts) the Focus Booster app is a great way of keeping you on task.  It’s a free digital timer that performs a very simple task – it counts down from 25 minutes, rings an alarm, then counts down from 5 minutes, and rings the alarm again. This reflects the 25 minute block of work + 5 minute block of break that’s prescribed by the “Pomodoro technique”. This time management technique was invented in the 1980s by Francesco Cirillo and allows you to stay focused on the task you’ve selected, remove distractions and stay fresh as you work on the task. It’s available on both Windows as well as Mac OS X.

If you love infographics but don’t have the budget to outsource a designer who can create one for you this is a perfect tool for you. Sign up to the free service with and start creating your own.It gives you a blank canvas which you can drag and drop pre-made design elements on to. Alternatively it has loads of free themes you can base your infographic on. It gives you loads of hints, tips and pointers along the way which are easy to understand and follow. Once completed your infographic can be exported and saved as a PNG, JGP, PDG or SVG file.


This a must-use content analytics tool which everyone is going mad for right now. And the beauty is it’s free. You can input your website’s URL, a permalink or keyword and it will show you which content has been most successful in terms of its social shares from the last 24 hours, week, month, six months etc.  You can see who’s shared the story on Twitter and it can filter the number of followers you get or retweets.  You can use it to search for content on a certain topic and see which has been the most-shared. You can also search for a topic and see which outlets are getting most social traction around that subject. The tool also lets you search for influencers. Plus you can download the data into a spreadsheet so you can analyse in detail what content’s working and what’s not. 

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