Why every non-profit should use a social hub as part of their marketing strategy

Non-profits that are embracing their social media fans are being rewarded by increased engagement and subsequent donations, says the latest Social Media Benchmark study. Charities and not-for-profit organisations that are putting their fans at the heart of their marketing strategy are making authentic connections, building public awareness and are benefiting from strong donation pipelines, the report found.

Here we give you five other benefits of using a social hub:

1 Creates a call to action:

Flockler has worked with many non-profit organisations in Europe to help them utilize the power of social media to great effect. It has built social hubs that incorporate content from social media feeds, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (and many more), alongside blogs and curated content from around the web. It has recently created a platform for the non-profit organisation Women for Women International to support its #SheInspiresMe social media campaign, to raise the profile of women affected and traumatised by war.

The #SheInspiresMe campaign has been incorporated into the Women for Women International’s main site and acts as a ‘call to action’ to supporters of its work. It has invited people to nominate the woman/women that they have been inspired by, on Twitter and Facebook, and is carrying this content on its site in the #SheInspiresMe section (see below) along with highly visible ‘Donate Now’ buttons.

2 It rewards and showcases your supporter’s efforts:

You can turn your fans into brand hero’s by showcasing their efforts on your social hub. Many people are proud to tell their friends and family about their fundraising efforts on social channels and will use hashtags to do so. You can capture this content automatically, by using Flockler’s technology, which is a great way to showcase and reward the efforts of your fans, as well as give you fresh and relevant content for your site. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society does just that – it pulls content from its fans from Instagram & Twitter to show supporters and potential donors how to get involved and new ways to fundraise.

3 Enables you to run User Generated Competitions:

Social hubs are perfect for engaging with fans and supporters. By running UG competitions you’re able to increase engagement with your charity, as well as give your site new and fresh content. In the mid-Atlantic US state of Maryland parents, kids and schools were invited to participate in a state-wide social media initiative aimed at raising money to fund breakfast clubs in schools. They asked participants to Tweet or post an image on Instagram or Facebook of an activity that had been #PoweredByBreakfast. Schools that took part were given cash to start breakfast clubs that aimed to provide every child (that needs it) their first meal of the day. Thousands have taken part in the not-for-profit campaign that continues today.

4 Harnesses the power of the #hashtag:

Food Bank Canada and its corporate partner Nestle collaborated to create two meaningful hashtags, #babysfirstselfie and #nohungrykids. They invited parents to send in images of their babies with the hashtag, every time either hashtag was used Nestle donated money to the non-for-profit organisation. Both organisations published the social content on their websites and benefited from increased brand awareness on social.

5 Keeps all your supporters in the loop:

Social hubs are a great way for you to show what goes on behind-the-scenes in your organisation. Link your colleagues Twitter and Instagram feeds to a Flockler powered site to give supporters a unique perspective of what happens in your charity. Share images from back-stage events, planning sessions or general comments from colleagues in the office on your social hub alongside content created by your fans – this will help your organisation to be more approachable and open.

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