Deutscher Fußball Bund

United by Football campaign site by Deutscher Fußball Bund

Deutscher Fußball Bund, the football association of Germany, is competing to host the European Championship in 2024, and with #UnitedByFootball campaign site, the football fans are placed at the heart of the application process. The site invites football fans to co-create and promote Germany’s application by uploading images and sharing them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With Flockler social media aggregator tools, the marketing team is able to gather the photos to a beautiful gallery on the application site and display the content in digital screens during the football matches of the national team.

#UnitedByFootball provides an excellent example how marketing campaigns are co-created with consumers through social channels. Innovative marketers use social channels to build engaged communities and turn consumers into brand advocates. We engage with (and the algorithms of social channels prioritise) the content shared by our friends and peers. The forward-thinking brands champion the consumers to increase the awareness and reach of their marketing campaign.

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