United Nations Foundation: #EqualEverywhere

A social wall embedded on the #EqualEverywhere hashtag campaign page

Is your nonprofit organisation using social media for fundraising?

According to Nonprofits Source, 75% of Instagram users take action, such as visiting a website and making a donation after looking at an Instagram post or ad.

Statistics like that are the compelling reason why United Nations Foundation has launched a hashtag campaign #EqualEverywhere. The campaign fights for girls and women to have equal rights everywhere. In every country and aspect of life.

On the campaign page, United Nations Foundation asks visitors to take the pledge and join their fight for an equal future. In addition to donating, visitors are encouraged to use some of the ready-made social media share templates. Many organisations have a significant fanbase in social media channels, but nothing can beat the reach your fans generate by sharing your call to action with their friends.

Hashtag campaigns help nonprofits raise awareness and reach, show social proof on campaign landing pages, and increase donations. Social media fundraising campaigns complement traditional marketing methods such as calls, mail, and events, which often require more time and investment.

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