Better higher education marketing with unlimited social proof

Today's higher education marketing requires curating content across websites, apps, and digital screens on your campus. With Flockler, you can show unlimited social media, campus life, and student-generated content across all your digital platforms and departments in one app.

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Harvard University
George Washington University
University of Michigan
Attract students with more effective enrollment marketing.
Build engagement and culture with vibrant student-generated content.
Engage alumni and raise new funds by using social media in marketing.

Educational marketing meets compelling visual storytelling

In education marketing overflowing with information, only stories with clear visuals have a genuine emotional impact. Flockler is designed to help your institution craft and share your stories, making a lasting mark in the minds of your prospective students.

Use modern storytelling forms like video reels and Instagram posts across all your digital channels and your real-life campus.

For example, add hashtags and usernames on Instagram that you'd like your branded Social Media Wall to display. You can combine multiple social media channels and show them all in one place!

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Grid of posts on a tablet device

Screenshot of Harvard Kennedy School display

Harvard Kennedy School keeps its higher education marketing fresh with Flockler

Flockler is your partner for creating an engaged and connected campus community. Marketers in higher education display hashtag feeds on the homepage and landing pages for commencement, research programs, fundraising events, and more. Curated, page-specific, and compelling social media feeds increase time spent on the site.
Screenshot of George Washington University display

George Washington University uses student-generated content

The Women Leadership Program at George Washington University adds social proof from students to the program's landing page. User-generated content adds credibility and encourages students to join the program. The authentic content from students & alumni helps you stand out from competitors.
Screenshot of Wasatch High School display

Wasatch High School builds engagement with social media displays on the campus

An Instagram feed with latest posts from school and students builds engagement and grows the sense of community. With Flockler, schools and universities display engaging feeds in an unlimited number of digital services.

Boost your higher education digital marketing with branded social feeds

With Flockler, you can display your content with multiple layouts. You can create as many Walls, Grids, Carousels, and Slideshows as you like and show them on unlimited websites, mobile apps, intranets, and digital screens for the same subscription fee.

Social Wall is perfect for organizations who would like to add a social media feed from multiple social media channels to their website.
Example of the Wall layout
Example of the Grid layout
Example of the Carousel layout
Example of the Slideshow layout

You are in full control


When you set up Hashtags, Accounts, and Pages to display in your school’s page, you can select if the content is stored in a moderation queue or displayed automatically.

Screenshot of the moderation feature
Screenshot of the hide post feature

Hide posts

Even if your selected layout would be displaying content automatically on your website, you can always hide unwanted or inappropriate content.


You can create blacklists blocking content posted by a specific username or content mentioning a certain keyword.

Screenshot of the blacklist feature

What you get

Unlimited Walls and Views

No limit on the number of Walls, Carousels, Slideshows, etc. you create with us.


Automatically optimised to any screen size without any development work.


You are in control of whether the content is displayed automatically or requires approval.

Support Access

Our clients love our support in live chat and via email.

GDPR covered

We don’t store any data from your website or track your visitors. DPA available.

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