Lynott Jewellery

Lynott Jewellery using Flockler to embed Instagram into WordPress and WooCommerce

Use-case: E-commerce, WooCommerce, WordPress
Quick insight: 100,000+ customers; 100% female-owned.

Lynott Jewellery, known for its mesmerizing handcrafted jewelry pieces, has been a beacon of elegance and class in the jewelry industry. Rooted in artistry and quality, they create enduring artworks that resonate with connoisseurs and consumers.

As the brand grew, so did its vibrant community on Instagram. The brand and customers showcased prized Lynott pieces and shared stories of memorable moments. The challenge was seamlessly weaving this rich social tapestry onto their WordPress website and WooCommerce store, delivering social proof and enriching the shopping experience.

As their solution, they embedded their Instagram feed in WordPress with Flockler. The plugin acts as a digital window into the world of Lynott. Real people, real stories, and real moments – all on their homepage, instantly available. Best of all, it loads fast and is easy to use.

Sample of embedding Instagram into WordPress and WooCommerce

Outcome and benefits

Beyond mere brand mentions, Flockler enabled Lynott to curate and display specific Instagram video reels and posts. These give buyers the best look and feel of the jewelry, seeing it worn in an authentic context and a sense of the brand's personality.

In contemporary e-commerce, pure product display can lack the personal touch, the story, and the real-life charm users love. The resonance that makes them come back and buy again and again. Flockler adds trust, engagement, and inspiration to the buyer journey.

With Flockler, Lynott Jewellery weaves a tale of craftsmanship, elegance, and real-world charm — a new gold standard in the digital jewelry shopping experience.


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