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What is an Instagram hashtag generator?

An Instagram Hashtag Generator uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) 🦾 to recommend the most relevant and popular hashtags for a given post, ensuring higher visibility.

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Instagram hashtag best practices

How to use hashtags on Instagram

You can add hashtags into your Instagram content, including feed posts, stories, reels, and IGTV in several ways. The most effective strategies include weaving hashtags naturally into the caption, burying them at the bottom of the caption using white space, or adding them in the first comment of the post. For Instagram Stories, you can add up to 10 different hashtags and one clickable hashtag sticker. However, it's essential to consider what number of hashtags aligns best with your brand to avoid clutter and maintain an aesthetically pleasing story

  • Blend It Right: Combine popular, trending hashtags with niche-specific ones. This mix helps you reach a broader audience while still engaging with your specific target group.
  • Change It Up: Avoid using the same set of hashtags for every post. Vary your hashtags to reach different segments of your audience, the services or products you promote and keep your content fresh.

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How many Instagram hashtag should I use?

Instagram recommends using between 3 to 5 hashtags per post. This recommendation is based on the principle of using more relevant and better-quality hashtags to avoid appearing spammy. It's suggested that using a smaller number of highly relevant hashtags can be more effective.

  • For Instagram Stories, you can add up to 10 different hashtags.
  • For Instagram Reels, you can add up to 10 different hashtags.
  • You can also and one clickable hashtag sticker to Instagram Stories.

Do hashtags work on Instagram? Are they still imporant?

Analysis of aggregated post data shows that hashtags on Instagram assist in reaching targeted audiences, attracting niche followers, and increasing overall engagement. They contribute to building a more recognizable brand presence. It's important to use hashtags correctly to avoid penalties by the platform's algorithm. A mix of broad and niche hashtags is recommended for maximizing reach while maintaining relevance.

How to find trending hashtags on Instagram?

Here's how to effectively discover trending hashtags for your Instagram strategy:

  1. Explore Page: Instagram's Explore Page, powered by an algorithm, is a prime spot for discovering trending hashtags. It's personalized based on your interactions, followers, and accounts you follow. Manually searching through posts on the Explore Page can reveal hashtags relevant to your interests, although it might be time-consuming.
  2. Hashtag Autocomplete Feature: Instagram's search engine offers an autocomplete feature for hashtags. As you type, it suggests similar, popular hashtags, including those followed by accounts you interact with. However, be cautious with highly popular tags, as your content may get lost among millions of posts.
  3. Social Listening Tools: Tools like Brand24 are effective for finding popular hashtags specific to your business. These tools collect real-time mentions of predefined keywords from the web, helping you track various keywords like your brand, product, service, and campaign-specific hashtags. With frequent updates, these tools can save time and provide accurate, trending hashtag data relevant to your business.

How do I add an Instagram hashtag feed to my website?

  1. Create a free trial of Flockler and select Instagram as your platform.
  2. Connect Your Business Account: Ensure that your Facebook account is an admin of at least one Facebook Company Page or an Instagram Business account.
  3. Configure Hashtag Settings: Choose to display images and videos that mention a specific hashtag. This feature allows you to curate content related to the hashtag.
  4. Content Review Options: Decide whether you want to moderate content before it is shown, or if you prefer the hashtag feed to be displayed automatically.
  5. Enjoy the Automation: Flockler will automatically fetch new posts every 5-15 minutes, engaging visitors with the latest content related to your hashtags.

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Best hashtags for Instagram

According to Hubspot, these are the 100 top all-time hashtags on Instagram:

  • #love (2.1B posts)
  • #instagood (1.7B posts)
  • #fashion (1.1B posts)
  • #instagram (1.1B posts)
  • #photooftheday (1B posts)
  • #art (1B posts)
  • #photography (1B posts)
  • #beautiful (828M posts)
  • #nature (790M posts)
  • #picoftheday (723M posts)
  • #travel (706M posts)
  • #happy (702M posts)
  • #cute (668M posts)
  • #instadaily (647M posts)
  • #style (646M posts)
  • #tbt (584M posts)
  • #repost (559M posts)
  • #followme (557M posts)
  • #summer (555M posts)
  • #reels (538M posts)
  • #like4like (516M posts)
  • #beauty (532M posts)
  • #fitness (524M posts)
  • #food (511M posts)
  • #instalike (508M posts)
  • #explore (506M posts)
  • #photo (493M posts)
  • #me (455M posts)
  • #selfie (452M posts)
  • #music (445M posts)
  • #viral (442M posts)
  • #friends (440M posts)
  • #life (440M posts)
  • #smile (437M posts)
  • #family (437M posts)
  • #ootd (429M posts)
  • #girl (427M posts)
  • #makeup (397M posts)
  • #likeforlikes (390M posts)
  • #dog (369M posts)
  • #model (361M posts)
  • #design (357M posts)
  • #motivation (357M posts)
  • #handmade (349M posts)
  • #lifestyle (347M posts)
  • #likeforlike (328M posts)
  • #sunset (325M posts)
  • #artist (319M posts)
  • #dogsofinstagram (309M posts)
  • #foodporn (302M posts)
  • #followforfollowback (297M posts)
  • #beach (296M posts)
  • #drawing (288M posts)
  • #amazing (287M posts)
  • #nofilter (285M posts)
  • #cat (284M posts)
  • #instamood (281M posts)
  • #igers (277M posts)
  • #일상 (273M posts, Korean for 'daily')
  • #sun (271M posts)
  • #flowers (262M posts)
  • #sky (261M posts)
  • #gym (258M posts)
  • #wedding (258M posts)
  • #moda (256M posts, Italian for 'fashion')
  • #photographer (254M posts)
  • #hair (244M posts)
  • #foodie (244M posts)
  • #inspiration (241M posts)
  • #funny (239M posts)
  • #instafood (238M posts)
  • #memes (236M posts)
  • #baby (234M posts)
  • #naturephotography (234M posts)
  • #l4l (222M posts)
  • #nails (221M posts)
  • #f4f (219M posts)
  • #likeforfollow (218M posts)
  • #workout (218M posts)
  • #followforfollow (212M posts)
  • #illustration (212M posts)
  • #home (211M posts)
  • #instapic (207M posts)
  • #yummy (201M posts)
  • #vsco (200M posts)
  • #bestoftheday (200M posts)
  • #landscape (199M posts)
  • #catsofinstagram (199M posts)
  • #vscocam (195M posts)
  • #puppy (195M posts)
  • #fit (193M posts)
  • #party (193M posts)
  • #tagsforlikes (191M posts)
  • #girls (190M posts)
  • #tattoo (189M posts)
  • #healthy (189M posts)
  • #instafashion (187M posts)
  • #blackandwhite (184M posts)
  • #architecture (183M posts)