Agencies grow 3x easier by using unlimited social media and proof.

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Why your agency will love Flockler

Discover a proven way to go from impressions to conversions.
Increase time on page and touchpoints fast for clients with fresh content on auto-pilot with a widget that takes only seconds to install.
Grow engagement and followers by making all your social content stand out in the correct context with effortless branding and design.
Build trust and showcase social proof to improve conversion rates by collecting and showing UGC or reviews and managing their rights.

Oh, one more thing. 💸 You save money with a custom plan for agencies.
The more you use Flockler across your projects, the more you save.

Let creative people be creative.

Say goodbye to code maintenance hassles!

Managing a custom code base for social media connections can be nerve-wracking for agencies like yours. The ever-evolving APIs, the code maintenance, and the sheer time and effort it demands – it's a hefty price to pay. But what if there was an easier way to add an instant spark of magic?

Make your life simpler.

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How Flockler is 3x more cost-effective:

Get the only solution for showing unlimited UGC & social media that scales with you.
You pay for active sources and can show content in unlimited locations for unlimited views for every client.
If a project ends, you can reuse a slot for a live source for a new client. The old content will keep showing.
Impress clients with Flockler, gain new business, and save money as you grow. All from one account.

Happier clients. Happier team. Handle all with one account.

With Flockler, you can manage multiple organizations from one account. The intuitive account manager is a lifesaver for a fast-paced agency looking to grow. Manage many brands with a single agency account. Or use Sections to categorize the content per organization.

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Unlimited number of collaborators

Get an ‘exclusive enterprise’ feature out of the box.

You will need an expensive enterprise plan for extra users with most tools. Fortunately, Flockler offers unlimited personal accounts for each user. Plus, it is easy to edit multiple user rights levels to add flexibility and security. You can invite people ranging from client representatives to team members to partners to manage the content with you.

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