Somerset Grill Company

Somerset Grill Company website

Use-case: E-commerce, Shopify
Insight statistics: Founded in 2018; 100% made in Britain

Nestled in the heart of Somerset, the Somerset Grill Company is more than just a brand that sells grills with Shopify. It's a club for culinary enthusiasts, a haven for grill lovers, and a testament to the art of barbecuing. In the competitive grill market, staying ahead requires more than just quality products – you need a genuine connection.

The modern grill enthusiast doesn't just buy a product; they buy into a lifestyle. That’s why Somerset Grill Company needed a way to encapsulate the vibrant community of grill aficionados and the experiences they share. In an age dominated by visuals, Instagram video reels became their tool of choice. However, integrating the reels into their Shopify store was a real challenge.

Somerset Grill Company using Flockler on its website

Flockler made that easy. Somerset Grill Company's Shopify store now boasts a responsive and well-designed Instagram feed. This feed isn't merely aesthetic; it's an invitation into the world of grilling. Customers can see the grills in action, the resulting mouth-watering dishes they produce, and the community they'd be joining.

Outcome and benefits

The bespoke design and fast loading time of their Instagram feed nurtures an seamless shopping experience. Potential buyers aren’t only seeing products; they're witnessing what those products can achieve. The feed acts as a genuine testimonial, proving the quality of Somerset’s grills.

With Flockler, Somerset Grill Company website is more than just a grill-selling website; it's a storytelling platform that immerses visitors in the world of grilling.

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