Peter Dunham Textiles

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Use-case: Shopify, E-commerce
Quick insight: 68,000+ followers on Instagram; 16+ showrooms worldwide.

Nestled in the heart of Los Angeles, Hollywood at Home and Peter Dunham Textiles embody the best of both Hollywood glamor’s age-old charm and modern style. Founded by acclaimed designer Peter Dunham, the brand has artfully combined today's design sensibilities with vintage flair. They offer handcrafted furniture, textiles, wall coverings, and home accessories that tell tales of ageless allure.

Yet, even classic designs need a touch of magic on their Shopify storefronts. That’s where Flockler came into play.

Sample of Flockler in use for a Shopify store

Hollywood at Home’s website showcases their products in rich, vibrant detail. The brand enriches the Shopify store's visual appeal by using Flockler to embed its Instagram feed onto its site. They boost media coverage and highlight products in actual use for clients when considering a purchase.

Updates from Instagram allow potential customers to see how others are styling Hollywood at Home pieces, providing inspiration and social proof.

Sample of Flockler being used by Peter Dunham Textiles

Outcome and benefits

Considering their diverse range of products, from chic cushions to elegant wallcoverings, showcasing them in real-life settings adds another dimension to the shopping experience. Customers can now more easily visualize how a particular piece might fit into their homes, making the purchase decision more intuitive.

Thanks to Flockler’s unlimited layouts and views, that happens across multiple websites simultaneously without extra costs.

The style may be timeless, but with Flockler, it’s also timely.

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