UGC Rights Management

Get permission to use UGC images and videos beyond your website. Publish UGC on your branded social channels or use in social media ads, print catalogues, and anywhere you’d need to modify consumer-generated content.

Turn social proof into owned media and inspire shoppers with authentic content across all marketing campaigns.

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Rights management

Requesting rights

Rights via Instagram and X (Twitter) hashtag

You can show public UGC without permission on websites, apps, and digital screens. But sometimes, you’d like to do more than just display the original UGC content, and that’s when the customer’s explicit approval is needed.

Getting permission is straightforward with Flockler’s Rights Management tool. Post a comment to an Instagram or X post using ready-made message templates or craft your own message. Flockler keeps a record of pending requests and, after the customer approves by a hashtag, the content is available for your team to download and use in all marketing activities.

Using Flockler's upload form

Rights via Direct Upload from any social channel

When you request rights outside Instagram and X or need to capture a high-quality image file, Flockler’s custom upload form is the right choice.

Create a custom form, embed it on a webpage, and share it with your customers to upload text and images. Add your own terms and conditions to make sure you’ve got all the rights you need – and to keep your legal team happy.

For inspiration, learn how brands gather content with Flockler’s upload form 

Take photo – Send it – Get rewards

Repurpose UGC in your organic content, social media ads, print, and any other marketing channel

After the creator grants approval, you can, for example, publish UGC images and videos in your brand’s social media accounts, use them in social media advertising, and create print catalogues powered by customer-generated content.

GoPro builds engagement and increases reach by publishing UGC on social media

GoPro, a leading action camera brand for sports enthusiasts, asks their customers to submit images and videos via social media and an upload form. After the marketing team’s review, the best ones are published on GoPro’s social media accounts and highlighted on the GoPro Awards page.

Publishing customer-generated content grows your brand’s engagement, increases reach, and drives sales through social proof.

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