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Flockler in overview

  1. Automatically optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop

    Flockler makes sure that your site looks beautiful on any device now and in the future. You can concentrate on publishing high quality content and engaging your customers.

  2. Easily combine editorial and social content

    Create new editorial content and easily integrate your existing content (tweets, videos, images and more) to be published automatically, curate and publish social content from the web in real-time and let your audience contribute via existing social channels or directly on your site.

  3. Integrate to your existing website or application

    Build your new social magazine, application or website with Flockler or seamlessly integrate it to your existing website. Flockler's team will guide you through the process and there's no technical skills required.

  4. Build thought leadership and improve search engine rankings

    Having a mix of editorial and curated content demonstrates thought leadership and expertise in your industry and inspires your clients. Content combining keyword-rich editorial and curated social content massively improves your search engine ranking increasing site traffic and sales.

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Featured cases

  1. The-happy-foodie-alt

    The Happy Foodie

    The Happy Foodie by Penguin Random House brings cookery books to life and help readers get happy in the kitchen. Star chefs include Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson, Delia Smith and many more. 

    See The Happy Foodie »

  2. Fazer-cafe-alt

    Fazer Café

    Flockler powers Fazer Cafe's new website enabling customers to post their stories and images directly on the site and via Twitter and Instagram. Fazer community manager curates the best to content to Fazer Cafe homepage weekly.

    Fazer is one of the largest food industry companies in Finland.

    See Fazer Café »

  3. Idols-syke-alt

    Idols Syke

    Idols Syke is 2nd screen application for MTV3, the largest TV Channel in Finland owned by Bonnier. Idols Syke combines editorial and social content from Twitter and Instagram. 

    See Idols Syke »

  4. The-nordic-fit-alt

    The Nordic Fit

    The Nordic Fit is a site focusing on men’s style and quality clothing. Its content includes ideas and sources for inspiration as well as item reviews and tutorials for looking sharp.

    Flockler helped to turn Juho’s site to a beautiful mobile and tablet-optimized magazine for sartorialists.

    See The Nordic Fit »

  5. Smartcontent-me-alt


    SmartContent.me follows and initiates discussions on trends, use cases, business and technology relating to digital marketing and visual smart content. It also makes observations on how brands and publishers can embrace this phenomenon for their benefit.

    See Smartcontent.me »

  6. Web-wisdom-alt

    Web Wisdom

    “Web Wisdom” for Thomas Cook Group is internal magazine gathering inspirational content from web.

    See Web Wisdom »

  7. Content-strategy-forum-alt

    Content Strategy Forum Live Stream

    Flockler powered “Live Stream” for Content Strategy Forum 2013 event combining editorial articles, tweets and Instagram images.

    Live stream was seamlessly integrated to existing CSForum site.

    See CSForum Live Stream »

  8. Twincity-alt


    TwinCity rock band sang Goodbye to their old website. The latest tracks are now listened and music videos played on Flockler.

    Why? “Beautiful design optimized for all devices, speed of publishing and enjoyable user experience”, says the lead singer Jyri Kivimäki.

    See Twincity »

  9. Season-alt

    Season Magazine

    Season Magazine by Alma Media is a travel magazine combining editorial content, videos and images.

    Alma Media is a strong regional and national media group in Finland with a range of well-known brands as the foundation of its operations. Magazine drives traffic to YourLapland travel site and generates new revenues via targeted advertising.

    See Season Magazine »

  10. Econsultancy-alt


    Econsultancy is using Flockler for content marketing (reports, events & training courses).

    In November 2012 Econsultancy published “Mobile Can Save the High Street” magazine to acquire new members and sell tickets to live event, which was held during the Internet Week Europe and broadcasted live on Google+ Hangout.

    See Highstreet Report »

Flockler’s Key Features

  1. Responsive design

    Flockler makes sure that your site is displayed perfectly every time, whether on desktop or on mobile devices like iPhone, iPad and Android.

  2. Integrates to existing website

    Flockler can be seamlessly integrated to your existing website with no technical skills.

  3. Customized look & feel

    The look & feel is designed and customized in collaboration with the client’s design and branding teams.

  4. Customized URL

    Use your company’s URL (e.g. mycompany.com)

  5. Email marketing

    Integration to Mailchimp enables you to easily create newsletters and enjoy the benefits of Mailchimp’s world-class email marketing software.

  6. Real-time streams or editions

    Update your site in real-time or create a daily, weekly or monthly edition.

  7. Native applications

    We build iPad, iPhone and Android applications on request.

    Contact us to learn more.

  8. Bespoke content production and licensing

    We have partnered with major publishers, freelance journalists and marketing experts to deliver bespoke content tailored to your needs.

  9. Analytics integration

    Use your company’s existing web analytics solutions, such as Google Analytics.

  10. RESTful API

    Tap into Flockler’s back-end with Flockler API and build native applications and other custom solutions.

  11. Premium services for publishers

    Flockler integrates with publisher’s subscriber database, ad server and paywall solutions.

  12. Offline reading

    HTML5 app for iPad, iPhone and selected Android devices enables your audience to download the content and use the app offline.

Meet the team

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