How to add a Google Reviews Widget to any website

With Flockler, you can display Google Reviews on any website or digital service. In a few easy steps, you can show social proof and drive sales with a visual feed of customer feedback and a branded Google Reviews widget.

A Google Reviews widget example
It only takes a few minutes to embed a Google Reviews widget on your website to show social proof.

Google Reviews offers a fantastic way for local businesses to market themselves. Because of the high amount of "near me" searches and Google prioritising places with the highest review rating, they can be especially helpful for shops, restaurants, cafes, attractions, and other places people visit frequently.

Businesses seeking to grow the number of Google Reviews typically add a Google Reviews link to their website, emails, and other customer communications. However, to maximise the volume of reviews from happy customers, many businesses look for a visual way of showing them – that’s when the Google Reviews widget is the right choice.

Embedding a Google Reviews widget encourages your loyal customers to leave a review, and perhaps more importantly, it helps convert new website visitors to customers.

Here are four easy steps on how to add a Google Reviews widget to your website:

  1. Sign up for a Flockler account.
  2. Connect your Google My Business location and automatically collect reviews.
  3. Customise and design a Google Reviews widget layout.
  4. Add your Google Reviews widget to WordPress and any other website.

Next, let’s have a look at each step in more detail.

1. Sign up for a Flockler account

Start by signing up for a 14-day free trial with Flockler. With the free version, you can add eight automatically updating content sources and use the entire product for 14 days. In addition to Google Reviews, Flockler can help you collect and combine them with Instagram hashtag mentions, X posts, Facebook Reviews, and content from many other channels where your customers might share their feedback. See the complete list of supported sources.

2. Connect your Google My Business location and automatically collect reviews

After creating a free trial account, Flockler will ask you to connect your Google My Business account.

Connecting a company’s Google My Business account on the Flockler app

Then choose which locations and reviews you’d like to display on your website. Our customers typically gather reviews from one location at a time but sometimes combining multiple locations in one feed makes sense too. With any Flockler subscription, you can categorise your automatically updating review feeds and show them separately on unlimited websites, digital screens, and other digital services.

Choosing locations from a company’s Google My Business account

After choosing the location, you can decide whether Google Reviews will be shown automatically on your page or if you manually pick and choose before reviews appear on your website.

Google Reviews widget’s content moderation settings on the Flockler app

If you choose to save posts for moderation, you will find them on Flockler’s 'Inbox' waiting for your approval.

Moderation of Google Reviews feed on the Flockler app

3. Customise and design a Google Reviews widget layout

The next step is to choose a layout via Flockler’s 'Display' tab. You can choose from Wall, Grid, Carousel, and Slideshow layouts. Luckily, with all Flockler plans, you can create unlimited layouts and embed them on all websites, digital screens, and other digital platforms.

Google Reviews widget layout options on the Flockler app

The Carousel layout is the preferred choice for many companies. It allows website visitors to scroll through reviews left and right.

An example of a Google Reviews carousel widget

The Wall layout can be an excellent choice if you want to combine social media feeds and social proof from multiple sources.

An example of a Google Reviews wall widget

From the widget’s editor, you can easily customise and design a layout matching your brand’s aesthetics. Without any technical skills, you can, for example, change the number of reviews shown on a page, hide elements like the review date, and edit colours. For more advanced customisations, you can ask the Flockler team or your local developers to apply fully custom styles as well.

Editing the look & feel of the Google Reviews widget on the Flockler app

4. Add your Google Reviews widget to WordPress and any other website

The final step is to add your Google Reviews widget to your website. After choosing the layout in step 3, you will get an embed code. The embed code creates a responsive layout automatically optimised for different devices and screen sizes.

A Google reviews widget embed code example

You can add Flockler to any website or digital service, and here are step-by-step instructions for the most common website builders and webshops:

If you need help displaying the Google Reviews widget on your digital platforms, don’t hesitate to message us via live chat at the bottom right corner of this page.

Why should your business add Google Reviews widgets to websites?

There are four key reasons why businesses add Google Reviews widgets to websites, digital screens, and other digital platforms.

Brand image and reputation management

Google Reviews allows anyone to share their experiences with a company publicly and transparently. By monitoring and responding to reviews, your company can proactively build a positive brand image, reply to frequently asked questions while simultaneously sharing the information with everyone browsing reviews, and address any concerns customers might have.

Google search visibility and local SEO

Google Reviews naturally improve a company’s visibility in local search results. When your business has a high rating and many reviews, it is more likely to appear at the top of search results when customers search for local services or products.

Social proof driving sales

Google Reviews serve as social proof and help us make purchase decisions – we tend to trust 3rd party reviews and influencer content more than branded images and videos. You can build trust and credibility with potential customers by displaying positive Google Reviews on your website and marketing materials.

Customer insights

Customer reviews and feedback provide valuable insights into what customers like and dislike about your product and services. By regularly reviewing and analysing Google Reviews, your company can identify areas for improvement and make changes to better meet customers’ needs.

With Flockler, you can gather and display social media feeds from your favourite channels. See the full list of supported content types and sources

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