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How Flockler works

With Flockler, adding social media feeds anywhere is super easy. The app helps you keep visitors and attention longer, engage more deeply, and turn interactions into conversions with unlimited layouts & views for your content.
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Bring all your social media feeds together.

You can focus on one channel or mix multiple channels in different places & times.

Industries we serve

Flockler helps thousands of companies from various industries use social media feeds to grow and connect with their audiences.


Increase time on page, engagement, and conversions for your clients.


Grow and keep your community connected from enrollment, events & news to commencement.

Tech & Industry

Showcase new products, reviews, and LinkedIn updates to build brand & mindshare on auto-pilot.


Boost sales and customer trust with authentic social content, reviews, and shoppable feeds.


Increase engagement by sharing live updates and fan content, creating a vibrant community.


Highlight volunteer stories and donor impact, raise awareness, and encourage support.


Attract more bookings by sharing reviews, sights, experiences, and influencer and user content.

Public sector

Share community projects and announcements, improving public engagement and transparency.

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