How to add a social media feed to Sharepoint

Would you like to display Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media feeds on your company Sharepoint? With Flockler, you can create automatically updating social media widgets for Sharepoint and any other digital platform.

A social media feed on Sharepoint example

Many organisations rely on Sharepoint as their internal website and a hub for the latest news and social activity. A key part of the experience is a social media feed embed with the organisation’s latest posts and employee-generated content – perhaps even social proof from customers. A live-updating social media feed on a Sharepoint website keeps the page fresh and builds engagement for organisation’s social media accounts.

Four-step guide: Adding social feeds to Sharepoint

Adding a social media feed to any Sharepoint page takes hardly more than a couple of minutes, and here’s a four-step guide:

  1. Create a free trial account with Flockler
  2. Combine auto-updating feeds from social channels
  3. Choose your Sharepoint feed layout
  4. Embed social feeds on any Sharepoint page

1. Create a free trial account with Flockler

If your organisation has yet to start using Flockler, sign up for our 14-day free trial to create a social media widget for Sharepoint. You don‘t need a credit card when signing up, and there’s no commitment. The free trial allows you to test the full product and Microsoft Sharepoint integration for 14 days.

2. Combine auto-updating feeds from social channels

Next, set up automatically updating social media feeds and gather the latest posts from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more (see supported social media channels).

Choosing a content source on the Flockler app

Most Flockler customers add their branded accounts to Sharepoint, but you can also gather mentions of your account and a branded hashtag and moderate all posts before publishing.

Moderating social media feeds on the Flockler app

You can combine multiple social channels, accounts, and hashtags in one place, and Flockler will automatically update new content every 5-15 minutes from your selected sources. With Flockler’s Sections, you can also categorize your content feeds and show them separately. This is useful if you have multiple brands, geographical locations, and possibly even several Sharepoints for the organisation.

3. Choose your Sharepoint feed layout

After gathering content to your Flockler, it’s time to choose a layout for your Sharepoint social feed. Flockler comes with four templates for you to choose from:

Choosing a social media feed layout on the Flockler app

Many customers prefer the carousel layout on the Sharepoint homepage, but you can create as many layouts as you like without additional costs. All layouts and designs are easy to customize from Flockler’s settings without technical skills.

Customizing the social media feed design on the Flockler app

4. Embed social feeds on any Sharepoint page

The final step is to embed Flockler on your Sharepoint homepage or any other page. If you don’t have access rights to manage the Sharepoint page look & feel and elements, please share these instructions with your developer team, and they’ll help you out.

First, we’ll need to adjust the settings of the Sharepoint website. Click the 'Settings' icon on your Sharepoint website.

Editing Sharepoint website’s settings

Then, click 'Site information' and 'View all site settings'.

Viewing all settings on a Sharepoint website

From here, click the 'HTML Field Security' link.

Editing Sharepoint settings

Type '' into the field, click the 'Add' button, and then 'OK' to save changes.

Editing Sharepoint’s security settings

Now, click 'Edit' on your Sharepoint page and choose the area where you’d like to show Flockler.

Editing Sharepoint website

Click the + icon to add a new section to your page. Our customers typically choose one column layout, but you can choose multi-column and combine Flockler with something else, too.

Adding a section to Sharepoint

Next, click 'Add a new web part in column one'.

Adding a new web part to Sharepoint

Here, you can add various elements - for the social media feed integration, select Sharepoint’s 'Embed' element.

Adding an embed element to Sharepoint

Now, go back to Flockler’s Display tab and copy the iframe embed code. Make sure to use the iframe version – Sharepoint doesn’t allow other than iframes from third parties.

A social media feed iframe embed code

Finally, add the iframe embed code to the field on the right, and Flockler’s layout will appear on your Sharepoint.

Embed code to Sharepoint website
A social media feed embed on Sharepoint

After that, republish your Sharepoint website and your colleagues will see the stunning social media feed on Sharepoint!

Why do companies embed social media feeds on Sharepoint?

There are some key benefits of adding social feeds to Sharepoint.

Firstly, social media feeds help keep your Sharepoint page fresh. Your social media team is working hard to broadcast all organisation’s updates to social media channels, and your Sharepoint page is a logical home for those posts.

Secondly, the social media feed helps drive traffic and engagement to your branded social media accounts. The more engagement - likes, comments, and shares – you get for the organisation’s content, the more people will see your posts in their news feeds. Increasing your brand’s organic reach should be one of every company’s main targets in the era of growing advertising costs.

Thirdly, social media feeds encourage your employees to share your branded hashtag, helping build your employer reputation and brand image. Some companies create a hashtag for employees to share work-life news and event updates, reaching people inside and outside the organisation. The #LifeAtPhilips hashtag and a social media feed embedded on internal and external websites is a fantastic example of an employee engagement campaign in action.

A social media feed carousel embed

With Flockler, you can gather and display social media feeds from your favourite channels. See the full list of supported content types and sources

Flockler helps marketers like you to create social media feeds and display user-generated content on any digital service. Keep your audience engaged and drive sales.

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