Social media services like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, prioritise the posts from our friends and network. Their target is to keep us using the app longer and open it more often, and instead of displaying posts by brands, it makes sense for social media networks to display the posts with likes and comments from our friends.

Therefore brands who are keen to get more visibility in users’ stream of content are organising competitions in social media where they engage their customers in creating content and tagging their branded hashtag or account name. The posts shared in our personal feeds will spark likes and comments from friends and reach a broader audience. With tools like Flockler, you can gather posts from various social media channels and embed social media feeds on any digital service.

To increase the awareness and reach, Milka, a chocolate brand by Mondelez International, created the Keksetour campaign. With a Facebook camera filter app, the users are asked to post their best moments with Milka cookies. In addition to social media campaign and TV advertising, a mobile Milka Cafe is touring all over Germany during summer 2019 to increase awareness and encourage more people to a share #gemeinsamKEKSEgenießen moment with their friends.

Bring all your content, including what your fans say about you, into one social hub.

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