The Best Social Media Wall for Websites and Displays

Create a beautiful Social Wall and display Instagram images, Tweets, Facebook posts, and more on websites and digital screens. Increase time spent on site, build engagement and drive conversions.

Example of the Grid layout
Example of the Wall layout
Example of the Wall layout
The Social Wall trusted by 1000+ brands you love
World Wildlife Fund
Screenshot of GoPro display

GoPro rewards the best UGC entries to increase customer loyalty

GoPro’s Awards page increases customer loyalty with a dedicated social wall built for fan-generated content and by re-posting the most compelling videos on their Instagram account.

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Screenshot of Metallica display

Metallica’s Social Wall engages fans before, during, and after the show

Live social media feeds for concerts build fan engagement. The inspirational Instagram feed embedded on the website encourages visitors to book their tickets, too.

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Screenshot of Vivadogs display

Vivadogs adds social proof with customer reviews

Ask your customers to share their stories on Instagram and other social media channels and show the best entries on the social media wall. Then, add Instagram feeds to Shopify or any other webshop to build credibility and drive conversions.

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Screenshot of FIFA display

FIFA Museum engages guests with live-updating Instagram feeds

Slideshows and social walls in stadiums and other public venues inspire fans to share unforgettable moments with friends, relatives, and followers. A social media wall is a vital part of every hybrid and virtual event, too.

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Curious how Harvard University, Silicon Valley Bank, and Hapag-Lloyd Cruises are using Flockler?

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Create a Social Media Wall for websites and digital screens in a few minutes

Combine Hashtags, Usernames, and Pages from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and more.

Then, select a Social Wall, Grid, Carousel, or Slideshow layout and embed social media feeds on any website, event display, or other digital service.

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Grid of posts on a tablet device

Why should your organisation create a social media wall

Brands and organisations like Continental, Heineken, Philips, IKEA, and 1000+ more use Flockler to display social media walls to increase time spent on site, build engagement, and drive conversions.

Increase time spent on your website

A social wall aggregates content from multiple social media channels and keeps your website visitors engaged with your content longer. Not only that, a live-updating content feed inspires customers to learn more about your products and services.

Drive sales with social proof

Gathering feedback and reviews with a hashtag campaign makes it easy to add authentic content from your customers to the homepage and product pages. Brands use social media walls to show social proof and drive conversions.

Grow the number of followers and your reach

A social media feed drives traffic to your social media profiles, too. Brands use social walls to increase the number of interactions and followers, and expand their reach on social media channels. With social media advertising tools, you can retarget profile visitors with relevant content.

Keep customers & employees up-to-date with fresh content

A social media wall at the office or in-store keeps your customers and employees up-to-date with the latest news and product releases. Set up automatically updating content feeds with Flockler and effortlessly display the most recent social media posts on any digital service.

Add social media feeds to any website and digital screen

Create a Social Wall with a custom design to match your brand look & feel. With an unlimited number of Social Walls, Grids, Carousels, and Slideshows, each website, page, and digital screen can show a tailored mix of social media feeds. With your Flockler subscription, you can display Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more on an unlimited number of websites, apps, and digital screens.

The Social Wall layout is the best choice for organisations looking to display content from multiple social media channels in one place.
Example of the Wall layout
Example of the Grid layout
Example of the Carousel layout
Example of the Slideshow layout

Aggregate social media posts with an all-in-one Social Media Wall solution

Social Wall for your brand

A social hub for your brand increases time spent on your site and builds engagement. Brands like GoPro, Philips, Heineken, and thousands of more use Social Walls to keep their employees up-to-date, build engagement with their fans, and show social proof.

Social Wall for hashtag campaigns

User-generated content campaigns increase reach on social media channels and help you attract new audiences. With the social media wall, you can show the best customer-generated content on the homepage and product pages.

Social Wall for events

Whether organising virtual or in-person, a social media wall for events can be a key ingredient of your success. Event organisers add social media feeds to landing pages to show social proof before the event - and can display the latest content on digital screens to a community during the event.

Instagram Widgets

Display the latest images, videos, and Stories of any brand or a hashtag feed from your customers. Setting up an Instagram Widget for your website takes just a few minutes and you don’t need any technical skills.

Facebook Widgets

Facebook’s Page plugin has a one-column layout and fixed size making it challenging to add to your website or application. With Flockler’s Facebook Widget, you can create Social Walls, Grids, Carousels, and Slideshows and display any public Facebook Page feed on websites and digital screens.

Twitter Widgets

The standard Twitter embed can’t have a custom design and you cannot mix multiple sources together. With Flockler’s Twitter Widget, you can combine Twitter feeds from accounts and hashtags in one place and make sure the Twitter widget fits your branding.

Social Commerce

Create shoppable Instagram feeds for your website with a social media wall. Bring products from Shopify or any other webshop, and Flockler keeps them up-to-date without manual work. Tag products within your social media feeds and let your customers discover products through the Social Shop.

With social wall moderation tools, you are in full control.


When you set up Hashtags, Accounts, and Pages to display on your Social Media Wall, you can select if the content is stored in a moderation queue or displayed automatically.

Screenshot of the moderation feature
Screenshot of the hide post feature

Hide posts

Even if your Social Wall displays content automatically on your website, you can always hide unwanted or inappropriate content.


You can create blacklists blocking content posted by a specific username or content mentioning a particular keyword.

Screenshot of the blacklist feature

What you get

Automated feeds

Gather and display content from IG, FB, Twitter, YouTube, and more. See supported sources.

Unlimited Walls and Views

No limit on the number of Walls, Grids, Carousels, and Slideshows you create with us.


Automatically optimised to any screen size without any development work.


You are in control of whether the content is displayed automatically or requires approval.

Support Access

Our clients love our support in live chat, via email, and by phone.

GDPR covered

We don’t store any data from your website or track your visitors. DPA available.

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