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A social media wall for highlighting travel and holiday images shared by their audience on social media and mentioning a hashtag

Have you ever visited a beautiful holiday destination, got excited, and shared your favorite photo on Instagram?

You aren’t the only one. The web is full of tutorials on how to take a perfect travel photo, and 40% of Generation Z share their in-destination experiences on Instagram., a marketing website for all the country’s holiday destinations, is one of the travel organizations tapping into the vast number of images shared on social media. #JeRedécouvrelaFrance page inspires visitors to find more information about the destinations and encourages everyone to share their photos with a branded hashtag.

The best images are curated in a beautiful social media wall with further tags above to filter the content. A holiday photo shared with friends is far more powerful than the images and content of the holiday destinations. User-generated content campaigns are one of the most effective marketing methods for travel and tourism marketing.

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