15 UGC Video Examples: How to Collect and Use Them

UGC video examples

New buyers trust your customers more than your words.

You can grab their attention with striking campaigns, but social proof ultimately nudges people to purchase. Social proof marketing adds credibility to your messaging and provides a logical reason for shoppers to buy.

User-generated video content helps deliver this social proof while making your brand appear more humane and trustworthy. UGC videos engage shoppers with real experiences of a product or service. They have immense value since, in retail or e-commerce, there are few to no options for trying a product before purchasing.

These videos can be on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or any other social platform. Research shows that YouTube UGC videos get 10x more views than videos made by brands. It makes sense to include them in your e-commerce content marketing strategy.

This article will take you through different types and examples of UGC videos with tips to generate them quickly.

7 types of UGC videos with examples

Below are seven common types of UGC videos that are popular on social media, including:

1. Product reviews

Product reviews are the most popular type of UGC video. They are more like product testimonials, where customers give an honest opinion about your product and describe what they like and dislike about it.

Did you know? Brands that show UGC on their website get 29% more website conversions than brands that don't. You can easily embed UGC on blogs or any website using Flockler.

They also sometimes share tips and tricks for using the product for optimum results. Here's an example:

Formandfold UGC video

2. Product usage tips

Buyers look for ways to get the best results of their purchases. Videos about product usage tips help them with it. These tips also act as testimonials for your product, bringing in new customers.

A great example can be a cleaning detergent company. Their product usage tips would include:

  • The correct quantity to use.

  • The water temperature for different fabrics.

  • Extra tips to achieve optimum results.

3. Before and after videos

Before-and-after videos showcase the results your product or service brings to your customers. In these videos, customers contrast the "before" version against the "after" version to show their transformation or progress over time.

Skincare transformations, weight loss journeys, and interior design makeovers are some user-generated content best suited for this format.

fentyskin UGC video

4. Vlogs

Vlogs are among the oldest and most popular kinds of UGC videos. In these videos, people talk about anything and everything, from tips and tricks for using your product to how they use it in their daily lives.

Vlog formats like "Day in my life," where your product is organically plugged in, are great for building brand authority and credibility. People trust your product more owing to the candid nature of these vlogs, where your product is just a part of it and not the focus of the whole narrative.

Fabletics UGC video

5. Tutorials

Tutorials are "how to" videos where people give step-by-step guidelines on performing specific tasks with your product.

People are more likely to buy the product when they see a practical demonstration of its use in real-life situations.

For example, a kitchen chopper business might demonstrate the different blades suitable for different food items in their tutorial.

summerfridays UGC video

6. Educational content

Educational content can spike your audience's interest by sharing specific information about your product.

A user sharing weight loss content may inform the audience about a mix's ingredients, what quantity to consume, and how it's helpful.

7. Unboxing

In unboxing videos, people record themselves opening your product while expressing their thoughts and opinions. Potential buyers love to watch these videos to see your product up close and shape their expectations based on the creator's thoughts.

This UGC video format is best suited for showcasing gadgets, tech accessories, makeup and cosmetics, subscription boxes, and electronic items.

8 best UGC video examples

Here are eight examples of user-generated video content from popular e-commerce brands killing it out there:

1. Lily and Bean

Lily and Bean is a UK-based brand that sells hand-made totes, clutch bags, luggage, and leather goods. Lily and Bean bags are unique because of their intricate design and the option to personalize them with initials, names, or phrases.

Lily and Bean's customers constantly share videos on how they style and pack their bags. Here's one such video.

Why it stands out: The video is filmed in the "what's in my bag" format, answering the most common questions potential buyers have. For example, how big is the bag, and how can a tote bag be used to pack makeup essentials?

2. Iconic London

This London-based makeup brand is all about inclusivity and channeling your inner glow. Iconic London offers a range of makeup products, from highlighters and color palettes to lipsticks and makeup brushes.

The brand has a huge follower base on Instagram and YouTube and regularly posts videos from its customers. Here's one such makeup tutorial:

Why it stands out: Leverages the timeless "how-to" video format to walk viewers through how to do full face makeup with products from a single brand. It helps beginners who have never done makeup and don't want to purchase products from multiple brands.

3. Once Upon a Farm

Clean baby food with non-GMO ingredients is what the brand Once Upon a Farm stands for. Founded by actress Jennifer Garner and her team, the company produces frozen meals, refrigerated pouches, oat bars, and pantry snacks for children.

User-generated content is a major part of Once Upon a Farm's marketing strategy. The brand encourages parenting influencers and mommy vloggers to share their thoughts and experiences with its products in video formats. Here's an example:

Once upon a farm UGC video

Why it stands out: Relatability and social proof make this video effective. Most busy parents would relate to cooking their kids a quick and healthy meal. And the footage of the kid enjoying it is the cherry on top, which might encourage more parents to try it out.


Size inclusivity and body positivity are the two watchwords of ASOS. This clothing brand offers clothes in over 30 sizes and encourages its target audience to unabashedly accept and be their authentic selves.

ASOS leverages unboxing and styling videos its consumers share in its marketing strategy. Here's an example:

Asos ugc video

Why it stands out: Like most styling videos, the video answers two fundamental questions ASOS's target audience might have: How does it look on a person, and how is it best styled? It allows potential buyers to measure the fit and analyze how it would fit themselves.

5. JOI

JOI, short for just one ingredient, aims to serve its customers almond milk made from real almonds. The brand sells plant-based milk and milk bases made of almonds and cashew nuts.

As a strong advocate of sustainability, it makes a conscious effort to reduce its carbon footprint by using jars instead of non-recyclable cartons.

JOI fosters a sense of community in its customers by enthusiastically sharing content produced by its customers, such as new recipes and product reviews. Here's an example:

addjoi UGC video

Why it stands out: The video is a clever blend of a testimonial and a recipe video. Through the video, the creator brings in JOI to solve two major pain points almond milk lovers face: its cumbersome preparation and short shelf life.

6. Vincero

Started just over a decade ago, Vincero has become a reputed brand for fashion enthusiasts. Be it stylish watches, summer shades or sleek jewelry, Vincero has become a one-stop shop for its customers.

It's one of the few brands that walk the talk of putting customers above anyone else. The brand has a close-knit community, The Collective, whose members have a direct say in shaping its offerings. It also welcomes user-generated styling videos and uses them in its marketing. 

7. Busy Baby Mat

Busy Baby Mat keeps babies' accessories in one place. The patented silicone suction placemats are easy for mums to keep the baby's chair tidy and mess-free.

Baby Busy Mat understands this is a complex product from its description or pictures. The brand uses UGC videos on its website to show interested buyers its main features and functionality.

Why it stands out: Baby Busy Mat has taken testimonies from mothers who use its product and shown them in a video. The detailed video shows how it functions, what material it's made from, where it can be used, and its benefits. Since these videos are uploaded to the company's website, users can directly buy the product after watching the video.

8. Alpha Prime Bites

Alpha Prime Bites is a supplements brand built on values of empowerment and excellence. They believe in enabling your being with a strong focus on your health. They promote a healthy lifestyle without compromising on taste. The prime bites include cinnamon rolls, peanut butter candies, and even donuts and cakes rich in protein.

The brand often collaborates with its consumers and influencers to produce value-driven videos for their audience. Here is an example:

alphaprimebites UGC video

Why it works: A fitness influencer's review of a supplements brand holds more value than a regular review. In the video, the creator unboxes, tastes, and gives her honest thoughts on the cakes, urging health-conscious individuals to try them out.

How to collect more UGC videos

You can piggyback on user-generated videos to build brand authority and gain your target audience's trust. But the trickiest part is to get your customers to produce UGC videos.

While you can always add a friendly PS to share their pictures or videos in your review request email, it isn't always effective. But that doesn't mean you are always at the mercy of your customers for UGC videos.

Here are some effective strategies to get more UGC videos from your customers without sounding too pushy:

Run influencer marketing campaigns

"If Beyonce is promoting this, there must be something in it. I guess I'll buy it".

That's the reaction an influencer marketing campaign produces in your potential buyers. Before you furrow your brows, here's a study from the Pew Research Centre to back it up - 4 out of 10 buyers are willing to buy a product if an influencer vouches for it.

People trust your brand more when an influencer they love promotes it. You can partner with influencers to spearhead an incentivized hashtag UGC campaign, in which they encourage your customers and potential buyers to share their videos with branded hashtags.

This is more effective than regular hashtag campaigns, as you can tap into influencers' follower base and leverage people's trust in them.

Conduct UGC video contests

Another way to bring in more videos is through incentivized UGC video contests. You can ask customers and buyers to create videos around a specific theme or cause in exchange for rewards or offers.

If you want to take it up a notch, add a leaderboard and leverage the heat of the competition. This way, you can nudge even the most passive customers to contribute videos.

Through branded hashtag contests

You can take your UGC video contests to the next level by creating a branded hashtag. Ask participants to add this hashtag to their entries when they post on various social media channels.

These branded hashtags act as filters to help you find relevant videos easily. Learn more about how to run hashtag contests.

Gopro UGC branded Hashtag contests

How to organically generate UGC videos

Apart from having a great product, there are some additional steps you need to take to ensure a consistent flow of UGC video content.

Build loyalty

Customers who are satisfied with your product and service will be loyal and more willing to produce UGC videos. Additionally, you can foster a sense of belonging and encourage passive customers to contribute videos through brand communities.

Engage with present customers

The age-old adage "crying baby gets the milk" is true of UGC videos. You have to consciously make an effort to let your customers know that you love and appreciate their videos.

Run review campaigns

Running regular incentivized review campaigns is another way to generate more UGC videos. However, get the reviewer's consent before adding them to your website or marketing campaigns.

How to use UGC videos in your marketing strategy

84% of buyers trust peer recommendations over all types of advertising. They trust your brand more when people like them recommend it. This means you are missing out on sales if UGC videos aren't a part of your marketing strategy. Here are three ways to incorporate UGC videos into your marketing strategy:

Embed UGC videos in marketing emails

People are more likely to interact with your emails and visit your website when there's a video. In fact, according to a study by Campaign Monitor, videos boost your email click-through rates by a whopping 300%.

In addition, a video from your happy customers is more effective in persuading potential customers than a normal email discussing your product at length.

Add UGC videos on websites

Top 3 questions run through a buyer's mind when they visit your landing page:

  1. Does it work for me?

  2. Why should I believe your claims?

  3. Are people like me using this product?

The best and easiest way to answer these questions is to add UGC videos on websites. These videos prove that your product does what you claim and that people use and love it.

With Flocker, you can add a custom feed with your most viral UGC videos to your website in under 5 minutes. Social walls and Shopify shoppable feeds are some formats you can use.

Display UGC videos on digital screens

Display UGC videos on digital screens to cash in on your events and tradeshows. When added with a compelling call to action, these videos help build brand credibility and nudge the audience to check out your products.

Try Flockler to curate and share UGC content on any digital asset.

Make the most of UGC videos

Add UGC videos on the website or any other digital platform to hook visitors, give them social proof, and encourage them to make a purchasing decision in your favor.

Flockler lets you create and embed custom feeds with videos from various social channels onto your websites and emails. You get several customization options and layouts to create a feed that aligns well with your brand image.

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