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A social media wall on Waterloo Catholic District School Board (WCDSB) website

If you’ve been working for a school or university communications and marketing team, you’ll know that there are several stakeholders to serve with content. Your websites and social media accounts share content with current and future students and their parents, and teachers and other employees of the school. There are donors and alumni members too. Often, the government is funding the operations; they request reports on how the funds have been spent and what the results are.

Scarce resources is one of the reasons why more than 50 schools and universities all over the world have selected Flockler. The platform allows them to curate all of their social media feeds in one place and display the content in the right place, at the right time, without any additional work and resources. If they mention a hashtag in a tweet (e.g., #graduation), they can display that tweet on a dedicated page. Flockler enables schools to create topic-based views of their content for specific landing pages.

Another reason to select Flockler is to create hashtag campaigns engaging students and parents to share content on social media channels. A hashtag campaign increases the engagement and reach of your school – all of us trust content created and shared by our extended family and friends more than social media posts by an organisation.

Waterloo Catholic District School Board diplays social media feeds on the website to curate and highlight the best content from the school, students, and their parents. By engaging their community to share text, images, and videos via social media channels, they are reaching out to local stakeholders and parents who are often selecting the first school for their children.

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