University of East London: inFocus

University of East London (UEL) has 19,000 students in their undergraduate and postgraduate community. The community consists of talents from 120 different countries. They have three campuses and eight study programs, not to mention the network of high-achieving alumni. Some would think this to be a communication nightmare. We think social approach to publishing can turn it to an advantage. 

inFocus gathers all news related to the University of East London, on and off campus. It is a digital version of the internal magazine distributed to its staff via email newsletter and intranet.

Flockler publishing platform makes content creation easy, but instead of just one voice of the editorial team, the platform creates opportunities for content creation by the community. inFocus is not just broadcasting news, but creates new avenue for conversation. Flockler helps UEL to take the full advantage of their vast and diverse community of experts, making the content more varied, objective and covering all angles.

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