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University of East London (UEL) has 19,000 students in their undergraduate and postgraduate community. The community consists of talents from 120 different countries. They have three campuses and eight study programs, not to mention the network of high-achieving alumni.

The University of East London has created a lovely social news hub rounding up the best of what’s happening on and off campus. From video snippets, to highlights of campaigns that have reached the national news as well as fun things to do on campus, this social hub is a great one-stop-shop and go-to resource for current students to keep abreast of what’s happening at their university, as well as acting as an insight into life at this busy London university.

Student Communications Manager Melissa Abraham explained some of the benefits of social hub in an interview with Flockler:

"Well initially, it was that the regular newsletter being emailed out to students wasn’t getting any traction. A survey that was carried out showed that the students had either little or no knowledge of it. This was a huge issue because it was a central point of the communication containing lots of relevant and interesting information. Now with the Flockler hub, awareness among students is up to around 30%. Flockler let’s us bring all student news and events listings into one place."

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