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Aggregate and display Instagram images, Tweets, Facebook posts, TikTok videos, and more on websites and digital screens. Increase time spent on site, build engagement, and drive sales.

Example of shoppable UGC
Example of Wall layout
Example of the Wall layout
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Inspiration and ideas on how brands use Social Media Aggregator

Screenshot of GoPro wall


GoPro’s Awards page highlights the most engaging entries from the community of influencers and fans. An inspirational feed of Instagram images and videos are curated from GoPro’s account and fans. With Flockler social media aggregator’s help, the latest content is updated automatically without manual work.

Embedding an Instagram feed on your website helps to increase the time spent on your site and inspires others to learn more about your products.

Screenshot of San Francisco-Marin Food Bank wall

San Francisco-Marin Food Bank

San Francisco-Marin Food Bank uses Flockler social media aggregator to collect the latest social media content and blog posts in one place. It highlights the efforts of the organisation and its community of supporters.

Displaying the latest social media posts on the website is a natural choice for many nonprofit organisations – the up-to-date content increases time spent on site and drives to social media channels. This all drives awareness of the cause and increases donations.

Screenshot of Vivadogs display


Do you gather reviews and feedback from customers through social media? If you do, let that user-generated content shine on your website and mobile applications!

For inspiration, take a look at the cute and happy customers on the Vivadogs homepage. The marketing team at Vivadogs asks pet owners to share their reviews with the hashtag #vivadogs on Instagram or Facebook. And the team picks their favourite contributions to display on a fantastic Instagram Widget.

Screenshot of FIFA display

FIFA Museum

Do you have digital screens at the office or in public spaces?

It might be time-consuming to update digital screens with fresh content, so why don’t you use the inspirational social media feeds that are already available?

FIFA Museum does this by welcoming visiting football fans with a Social Wall that rotates the organisation’s latest posts.

Why choose Flockler’s Social Media Aggregator?

Unlimited layouts

Create as many Walls, Grids, Carousels, and Slideshows you like. Each can have a unique design to fit the branding and page.

Change sources any time

When, for example, a hashtag campaign is over, you can create something new without losing the past content. Categorise your campaigns with Sections.

Unlimited page views & posts

We hope you add Flockler anywhere and everywhere. We don’t limit page views or the number of posts.

Custom branding

Add a custom design to all layouts and create unlimited versions with Flockler’s WYSIWYG editor. If needed, you can add custom CSS, too.

Combine multiple sources

Add social feeds from any company and hashtag feeds from customers. Mix with TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and more.

Official APIs

We partner with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media channels, and we follow their terms and guidelines to the letter.

World-class support

Flockler is easy-to-use and you don’t need any technical skills, but Flockler’s customer success team is always available for you.

How to show social media feeds on any digital platform

Gather and moderate social media posts

Aggregate Hashtags, Usernames, and Pages from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, and more. Set the feeds to display content automatically or store posts for review.

See list of sources
Grid of posts on a tablet device

Create custom design layouts

You can create unlimited Social Walls, Grids, Carousels, and Slideshows with your Flockler subscription. Create a custom design and add social media feeds to all websites, pages, and digital services.

See layout examples from others 

Display social feeds on any digital service

Regardless of the website builder and digital service, a responsive layout displays without coding skills on any website and app. Grab the social feed html code and add social media posts to WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, and any other digital service.

See our guide on how to add social media feeds to any website 

Why should your organisation use a Social Media Aggregator?

Brands and organisations like Continental, Heineken, Philips, IKEA, and 1000+ more use Flockler’s social media aggregation tool for websites, apps, and digital signage solutions to increase time spent on site, build engagement, and drive sales.

Increase time spent on your website

Social media aggregator gathers and displays social media feeds, for example, on your homepage. A fresh and live-updating social feed keeps visitors engaged with your page longer and inspires them to learn more about your products and services.

Drive sales with social proof

You can aggregate social updates with a hashtag campaign and ask your customers to share their feedback and reviews, too. Displaying authentic user-generated content campaigns on your website creates social proof that drives conversions.

Grow the number of followers and your reach

Social media feeds drive traffic to social media channels, increasing the number of interactions, followers, and your reach on social media channels. You can reach new followers with organic content – and the advertising tools provided by social media channels can help you to retarget content to your website’s visitors.

Keep customers & employees up-to-date with fresh content

Setting up a social media aggregator and embedding a social media feed to your internal tools can be an effective way of keeping employees and stakeholders up-to-date. With Flockler, clients embed and display social media feeds on Sharepoint and other digital workplaces.

Display social media feeds with an all-in-one Social Media Aggregator Tool

Social hub

A social hub for your brand increases time spent on your site and builds engagement. Brands like GoPro, Philips, Heineken, and thousands of more curate content to keep their employees up-to-date, build engagement with their fans, and show social proof.

Hashtag aggregator

Hashtag campaigns increase reach on social media channels and help you attract new audiences. With the hashtag aggregator, you can show the best customer-generated content on the homepage and product pages.

Social Wall for Events

A social wall for events is one of the key ingredients of any in-person and virtual event. Showing social proof on the event landing page drives ticket sales. During the event, the social media wall builds engagement and community within your guests.

Instagram Aggregator

With the Instagram Aggregator, organisations can display branded content and hashtag feeds. Setting up an Instagram feed takes just a few minutes and you can get started for free. See A Instagram Wall examples for inspiration.

Twitter Aggregator

The standard Twitter embed comes with a simple design and shows the latest posts from your account. With Flockler’s Twitter Widget, you can display Social Walls, Grids, Carousel, and Slideshows with a custom design and combine multiple Twitter handles and hashtags.

Facebook Aggregator

Facebook’s Page plugin has a one-column layout and fixed size – it often goes unnoticed on the website’s sidebar or footer. With Flockler’s Facebook Widget, you can aggregate Facebook posts from multiple Pages and display a branded, custom design content feed on websites and digital screens.

Social commerce

Create shoppable Instagram feeds with the social media aggregator. Bring products from Shopify or any other webshop, and Flockler keeps them up-to-date without manual work. Tag products to curated social media feeds and let customers discover your products through a ‘Shop the look’ element.
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