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Unlimited number of widgets

With Flockler, anyone can create infinite Walls, Grids, Carousels, and Slideshows. And show them on any number of websites, mobile apps, digital displays, and other digital services. No tech skills are required.

It takes only a few steps to categorise the content into multiple Sections and display each separately.

Quickly combine the content of multiple brands on your corporate homepage. Then display each brand feed separately on dedicated websites.

An all-in-one tool with multiple hashtag campaigns and events

Your work stays with you. Don't lose sleep because of lost content.

You may want to create multiple hashtag campaigns over the year or set up social media walls for events. But Taggbox doesn’t allow you to change your feeds without losing the content. In contrast, Flockler enables you to keep displaying content from the past. Arrange an unlimited number of new campaigns for the cost of one.

When the campaign or event ends, you can turn off the feed. The content on your website and other digital services will continue to show. You can use active feeds for another purpose at the same time.

As a result, you only pay for active feeds.

Unlimited number of posts and views

When you win, we win. Unlike Taggbox, Flockler doesn’t limit the number of posts nor page views for your widgets. The more successful you are, the happier we are!

Manage multiple organisations with one account

Taggbox requires you to create more accounts to manage more than one brand. That's not the case with Flockler. You can manage multiple organisations from one account. Use Sections to categorise the content per organisation. Or manage multiple Flocklers with a single user account.

Perfect for:

Unlimited number of collaborators

Triple your impact with teamwork.

You may want to invite people to manage the content with you. Sadly, Taggbox limits the number of collaborators. Fortunately, Flockler offers a personal account for each user. Plus multiple user rights levels add flexibility and security.

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