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Embed Instagram feed on any website and display branded content and hashtag campaigns. With Instagram Widget, marketers like you increase time spent on site, grow the number of followers, and drive conversions with social proof.

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Example of Wall layout
Example of the Wall layout
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Inspiration and ideas for Instagram Widget on your website

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Embed branded Instagram feed on the website

A responsive Instagram Widget helps GoPro highlight authentic, consumer generated content on their website. The GoPro Awards invites customers and influencers to submit compelling images and videos — the best ones are posted on the GoPro Instagram account, too.
Key results
Higher engagement and follower growth on Instagram
Learn how to embed an Instagram feed on any website 
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Show Instagram hashtag campaigns

User-generated content campaigns are the best way to increase reach on social media channels. With a custom designed Instagram Widget, displays hashtag campaign entries on their website and other digital channels. Entries from others encourage website visitors to share their experiences, too.
Key results
Growing brand awareness and reach on Instagram
Learn how to create a hashtag campaign for your brand 
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Add Social Proof to any website

What if your brand could be the talk of the town with just a few Instagram hashtags? Worktop Express asked their customers to share home projects made with their products on Instagram in a hashtag campaign. With Flockler's hashtag filters, now the same campaigns bring genuine social proof to their store.
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Social proof on website increasing sales
Learn how to add social proof to your website 

Why choose Flockler’s Instagram Widget?

Responsive, custom design

Combine multiple channels

Unlimited widgets and views

Official Instagram API

Advanced moderation tools

Support access via chat & email

GDPR covered

Why do brands display Instagram feed widgets on websites?

Increase time spent on site

With a live updating Instagram stream, you keep visitors engaged on your site longer.

Build engagement and reach

An Instagram Widget encourages customers to visit your Instagram account and engage with your posts.

Drive sales

Add social proof to any website and e-commerce site and use the Instagram embed to increase sales.

How to embed an Instagram feed on any website

Gather and moderate Instagram posts

Start by selecting Instagram accounts and hashtags to display with your widget. In a few minutes, you can create a collection of feeds from Instagram and other channels. Set the feeds to display content automatically or store posts for review.

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Select widget’s layout

You can create an unlimited number of Social Walls, Grids, Carousels, and Slideshows with your Flockler subscription. Create a custom design and add Instagram Widgets to all websites, pages, and digital services.

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Display Instagram feed on any website

Regardless of the website builder and e-commerce platform, a responsive widget displays without coding skills on any website and app. Grab the Instagram widget html code and add an Instagram feed to WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, and any other digital service.

See 3-step guide on how to embed Instagram Widgets 

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