All-in-one Twitter Wall for Events, Digital Signage, and Websites

Show live Twitter feeds on any website and digital screen. Create unlimited Walls and change hashtags and accounts from one event to another without additional costs. Combine multiple social channels in one place.

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How brands use Twitter Walls for event marketing and digital signage

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Embed hashtag feeds on any website and app

A Twitter Wall embedded on event websites and apps helps you build awareness and show social proof before the event. Engage speakers and participants in sharing your branded hashtag to build a community and increase reach ahead of the show.

University of Wisconsin is one of the many universities embedding event hashtag feeds on their website and digital displays.

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Display live Twitter feeds on events

When you give your audience a chance to share their content on a display screen, you increase the shares of a branded hashtag on social media and build a community online and offline.

The Pac-12 is one of the thousands of sport events showing live-updating social media feeds at the stadium.

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Show Twitter Walls on digital signage

Whether you need a Twitter Wall for the event day or would like to show social media feeds on digital signage solutions, Flockler’s subscription plan covers all needs. Create unlimited Walls and other layouts with your custom branding.

FIFA Museum’s Slideshow welcomes visitors with brand content and hashtag mentions.

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Why choose Flockler’s Twitter Wall?

Twitter feeds for any website and screen

Without coding skills, show social feeds on digital displays and embed a Twitter feed on WordPress and any other website builder.

Unlimited walls and views

With Flockler, you can create unlimited Twitter Walls. Then, add them to all your websites, apps, and digital screens without increasing costs.

Change sources any time

When your event is over, use the same Flockler subscription for the next event without losing the previously stored hashtag feeds.

Combine multiple channels

Flockler’s social media aggregator brings Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and more together. See supported sources.

Official Twitter API

We partner with social media channels and make sure that our solutions follow the terms and developer guidelines.

Advanced moderation tools

You decide what the Twitter Wall displays. Set up automation to display Twitter feeds or store posts for review.

Support access via email & chat

Enterprise-grade SLA and service development trusted by some of the largest brands in the world. We respond to all emails and chat messages instantly.

GDPR covered

In the European Union, privacy and data protection rules are tight. As a company based in Finland and the EU, we get GDPR. DPA available.

Why do brands display Twitter Walls on websites and screens?

Grow awareness

Mentions of the branded hashtag increase the audience size and brand awareness through participants’ social networks.

Build an engaged community

A Twitter Wall for the event website and digital displays helps your audience build a community online and offline.

Drive ticket sales

Engage speakers, sponsors, and participants in sharing the branded hashtag and add social proof to the event's website.

How to embed a Twitter feed on any website

Gather and moderate Tweets

Start by selecting Twitter accounts and hashtags to display with your wall. In minutes, you can create a social feed from Twitter and other channels. Show tweets automatically or store posts for review.

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Select a layout to show tweets anywhere and everywhere

You can create unlimited Social Walls, Grids, Carousels, and Slideshows with your Flockler subscription. Create a custom design and add Twitter feeds to all websites, pages, and digital screens.

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Twitter Wall for everyone

From brick-and-mortar to global brands, companies show Twitter feeds on websites, apps, and digital displays.
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