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A social media aggregator without limits

With Flockler you can at last embed social media in the way you want. We offer unlimited Walls, Grids, Carousels, and Slideshows. Along with easy design options to match your branding.

Picture building the perfect Instagram carousel on your homepage in mere minutes. Or a stunning Instagram gallery on a subpage. And on top of that eye-catching digital screens at your office, shop, or events. No tech skills required.

Value your content and your money

Like you, most brands run multiple hashtag campaigns and events over the year. When an event is over, you would like to keep the content on the event page. But pause updates.

With OnStipe, even if you pause a source you have to keep paying for it. Flockler is different. It allows you to keep the content live on your pages while repurposing the source.

Imagine you're managing university events. Like welcoming days, giving days, graduation ceremonies or sports events. Flockler covers all your events under one subscription plan.

Flockler is designed to celebrate your success

OnStipe limits the number of page views and posts. In contrast, Flockler offers unlimited page views and never deletes your posts. As a result, your hard work pays off without any unnecessary roadblocks.

Harness the power of hashtags

Are you using hashtags to create tailored experiences with your social feeds? It's a great way to increase time on site and conversions! Sadly, OnStipe doesn't support topic and product filtering by hashtags. With Flockler it is easy.


Flockler not only supports tag-filtering. It also helps you transform your social media feeds into retail experiences. You can add eye-catching shoppable galleries anywhere.

Save with yearly plans and enjoy flexible payment options

Flockler offers many payment methods to suit your needs. Choose between credit card payments or bank transfers. Then pick a plan that works best for you – monthly or yearly.

Yearly budgeting might be more convenient. That's why we offer a generous 15% discount on our yearly plans. This helps you save while enjoying the full benefits of Flockler.

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