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From tag to fab. Embed unlimited widgets.

Tagembed boxes you in by restricting the number of widgets and layouts. Flockler is different. You can use unlimited Social Walls, Grids, Carousels, and Slideshows with ease. Craft custom design layouts for every widget without touching a single line of code.

Picture a captivating carousel layout gracing your homepage. Followed by distinct and captivating walls for each subpage. With Flockler, you're just a few magical moments away from creating extraordinary results. No tech skills required.

Never lose content again

With Flockler you can change hashtags and other social media sources at any time – without losing your content.

With Tagembed, you're stuck between a rock and a hard place. Pay up or purge your previous campaigns and events. Juggling multiple short-term campaigns or events throughout the year? Don't restrain your creativity or squeeze your marketing budget dry. Switch to Flockler.

Trapped by Tagembed? Preserve your priceless posts and content.

What happens when a hashtag campaign or event ends? You might not need to add fresh content. Still, you'd want to keep those valuable posts on your website, right? Flockler makes it possible without any hassle or additional costs.

With Flockler, you can create a social wall for each event and year. Preserving precious memories and showcase your institution's vibrant community – without any extra costs.

Play by the rules

Don't put your brand's reputation in danger.

Flockler prioritizes your brand's integrity and security. We only use official social media APIs to gather and display content. We ensure compliance and protect your company from legal issues.

In contrast, Tagembed employs a method called scraping to collect content from LinkedIn, Yelp, and other platforms. This approach goes against social media channels' terms and conditions. It also puts your company at risk of facing lawsuits.

Unlimited number of collaborators

Triple your impact with teamwork.

You may want to invite people to manage the content with you. Sadly, Tagembed limits the number of collaborators. Fortunately, Flockler offers a personal account for each user. Plus multiple user rights levels add flexibility and security.

Manage multiple organizations with one account

With Flockler, you can manage multiple organizations from one account. Use Sections to categorize the content per organization. Or manage multiple Flocklers with a single user account.

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