Content Aggregator: Four apps your brand should try in 2024

Content aggregator app with latest news

When you hear the term 'content aggregator' in a marketing team meeting, you might not be entirely sure what it means. Do content aggregator apps help brands discover news for internal use or publish a curated collection on websites and other digital services?

The answer is both.

Brands typically use content aggregators to mix content from blogs, newsletters, newspapers and magazines, and social media. Some or all of the aggregated content is published in internal tools, websites, and digital screens.

Content aggregation tools help busy employees stay on top of the industry news, and the content sparks discussions in team meetings, too. If published on a website, curated content improves SEO, keeps your site fresh with relevant content, and builds your credibility as a trusted source.

In this article, we will show you four content aggregator apps and services your brand should try:

  1. Content aggregator websites
  2. News aggregator apps
  3. Social media aggregators
  4. Licensed news content aggregators

1. Content aggregator websites

You might have come across professional content aggregator websites like AllTop or the Travel Blogger Community. The core idea of those services is to provide an all-in-one destination for a particular topic or even a wide range of verticals.

AllTop content aggregator website
AllTop is one of the most well-known content aggregator websites in the world.

Many brands have followed the idea and created content aggregation sites. Their employees can access internal websites with news feeds from the organisation and other trusted sources.

How to build a content aggregator website for your brand?

It’s actually relatively easy. With tools like Curata, you can gather and select from wide selection of news sources and then pick and choose the best content items to show on a website.

Or, if you have a relatively short list of relevant sources, you can embed RSS feeds from multiple news sites on any digital service.

2. News aggregator apps

News aggregators apps help us stay in the know and discover the latest trends in the industry. The chances are that you have used Apple News, Flipboard, or Google News to follow current news and entertainment as well.

But how do organisations use news aggregator apps?

For example, with tools like Feedly, pharmaceutical companies track drug innovations. Banks and other financial institutions share the latest stock market news from Bloomberg and other trusted news sources to investors. Many creative agencies publish weekly newsletters with the latest on tech, innovation, and marketing.

An illustration by a news aggregator app

3. Social media aggregators

Not all the relevant content is published in a news article format. TikTok and YouTube videos, Instagram Stories, and X (formerly Twitter) threads have become the easiest and fastest way to consume content. Often served straight from trusted sources and experts in the field in a visual format.

With a social media aggregator like Flockler, marketing teams can gather, curate, and show some of the most relevant social media content on their digital platforms. For example, they might track specific users or hashtag mentions.

How do brands use social media aggregation tools?

Without any technical expertise, brands build social media walls for websites and digital screens in a few minutes. For example, Deutsche Bundesbank shows X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, and LinkedIn feeds in one place.

A Facebook page feed embedded on a website using social media aggregator

4. Licensed news content aggregators

Sometimes you might need access to content that is not freely available on the web. For example, your sources might include paid magazines, research publications, or specialist sources such as patent authorities.

How do brands get access and curate content behind paywalls? 

Associated Press licensed content services

That’s where licensed content aggregators like LexisNexis and Associated Press can help. With access to hundreds of thousands of sources from all over the world, your team can discover content unavailable to your competitors. A word of warning: those services are only suitable for corporations with deep pockets.

With Flockler, you can gather and display social media feeds from your favourite channels. See the full list of supported content types and sources

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