Raise awareness. Increase donations.

Charities and nonprofits run hashtag campaigns to raise awareness, build a community of like-minded people, and drive donations. Add social proof to any digital service and increase the chance of visitors clicking the 'Donate' button.

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Wall of Save the Children
Wall of United Nations Foundation
Wall of World Wildlife Fund
World Wildlife Fund
United Nations Foundation
Save the Children
Increase time spent on site with authentic and engaging content
Drive donations with social proof
Build a community of like-minded people

Select Hashtags, Usernames, and Pages to display on any digital service

Combine Hashtags, Usernames, and Pages from social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Youtube, Pinterest, and more.

For example, add hashtags and usernames on Instagram that you’d like show to potential donors. You can combine multiple social media channels and show them all in one place!

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Grid of posts on a tablet device

Screenshot of United Nations display

United Nations Foundation’s hashtag campaign builds a community

United Nations Foundation encourages website visitors to take the pledge and fight for equal rights everywhere. A hashtag campaign brings like-minded people together and increases nonprofit’s reach on social media channels.
Screenshot of WWF’s display

WWF’s yoga pose campaign raises awareness

A hashtag campaign is an excellent opportunity for charities and nonprofits to add a bit of fun and humour to fundraising and build something timely, unique, and compelling. A hashtag campaign built around activity is a powerful way of raising awareness.
Screenshot of Save the Children display

Save the Children drives donations with #100daysofaction

A clear and actionable hashtag helps to stand out from the noise and drive new visitors to a nonprofit’s website. With hashtag campaigns, nonprofits engage influencers in creating content and add social proof to campaign pages.

Add hashtag campaigns & social proof to any digital service

With Flockler, you can display the content you’ve gathered with multiple layouts. You can create as many Walls, Grids, Carousels, and Slideshows as you like and display them on an unlimited number of websites, mobile apps, intranets, and digital screens for the same subscription fee.

Social Wall is perfect for organizations who would like to add a social media feed from multiple social media channels to their website.
Example of the Wall layout
Example of the Grid layout
Example of the Carousel layout
Example of the Slideshow layout

You are in full control.


When you set up Hashtags, Accounts, and Pages to display in your campaign feed, you can select if the content is stored in a moderation queue or displayed automatically.

Screenshot of the moderation feature
Screenshot of the hide post feature

Hide posts

Even if your hashtag feed would be displaying content automatically on your website, you can always hide unwanted or inappropriate content.


You can create blacklists blocking content posted by a specific username or content mentioning a certain keyword.

Screenshot of the blacklist feature

What you get

Unlimited Walls and Views

No limit on the number of Walls, Carousels, Slideshows, etc. you create with us.


Automatically optimised to any screen size without any development work.


You are in control of whether the content is displayed automatically or requires approval.

Support Access

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GDPR covered

We don’t store any data from your website or track your visitors. DPA available.

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