How to embed a YouTube channel on any website

Are you looking to embed YouTube videos on your website? In this blog post, you will learn how to automatically display the latest videos from your YouTube channel on WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Webflow, Shopify, and any other website builder.

Believe it or not, YouTube is the most popular website worldwide. A stunning 1 billion hours of YouTube videos are watched every day.

Therefore, it shouldn't surprise that website owners are looking for tools to embed YouTube videos on their websites and get more eyeballs and followers for their content – and all that without manual work when a new video is published on the YouTube channel.

The good news is: you don’t need to be an expert in HTML or have developer skills to embed your YouTube channel on any website! With a social media aggregator, embedding your YouTube channel feed takes a few minutes.

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Why do brands embed YouTube channels on websites?
Embed YouTube videos on any website
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How to embed YouTube channel on WordPress
How to embed YouTube channel on Wix
How to embed YouTube channel on Squarespace
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How to embed YouTube channel on Shopify

Why do brands embed YouTube channels on websites?

Brands embed social media feeds on websites to keep their site fresh with new content – social media feeds help increase the time spent on site.

But there are a few additional reasons why your organisation should embed YouTube video feeds on websites

1. Drive subscribers to your YouTube channel

There are 38 million channels on YouTube, and the competition for attention is fierce. Therefore, it is essential to promote your channel on existing websites and mobile apps that you already have in place. The more eyeballs on your videos, the more likely you will grow the subscriber count as well.

2. Increase sales

According to statistics, videos help increase sales by 34%. Videos make it easier and faster to learn more about a new product and service than text or even images.

Especially, customer testimonial videos embedded with a UGC Platform truly resonate with new customers. Social proof and user-generated content from our friends and peers helps us to make the purchase decision.

3. Improve SEO with YouTube videos

Lastly, YouTube has become one of the largest search engines, and the more popular your videos are, the more YouTube will promote them in the future. YouTube videos show up in Google’s search results as well.

Embed YouTube videos on any website

An example of a YouTube channel embed
A live updating YouTube Channel feed is easy to embed on a specific landing page or show on all key sections of your website. Without any manual effort, your latest videos show on your website, apps, and digital screens.

There are two ways how you can add YouTube videos to your website:

  1. Use the YouTube video embed code and add YouTube videos to any page manually.
  2. Collate YouTube video feeds with a social media aggregator and embed a live updating YouTube feed on any website.

1. Add YouTube videos to any page manually

If you want to show just one video on your website’s page and not change it too often, embedding the YouTube video HTML on your website is a good option. Here’s how you can find the YouTube video embed code:

  • Open the video on YouTube.
  • Click the 'Share' button and then choose 'Embed' from the available options. 
    YouTube video embed code example
  • Then, copy and paste the YouTube video HTML on any website and article.

2. Embed YouTube channel on any website

Most marketers and website managers are busy and want to avoid additional manual work. That’s when an automatically updating YouTube video feed is the right choice. 

Here are five simple steps on how to embed a YouTube channel feed on any website:

Before getting started, and if you don’t have a social media aggregator yet, sign up for Flockler’s free trial.

Step 1: Log in to your Flockler account and go to the 'Automated Feeds' tab in the navigation. Then, click the 'Create a new automated feed' button.

Step 2: Select 'YouTube' from the available sources and log in with your YouTube account.

Selecting 'YouTube' on the Flockler app
On Flockler, you can combine social media feeds from multiple sources and display all posts in one place.

Step 3: Choose 'YouTube channel/playlist' (yes, you can embed a YouTube playlist and videos by a keyword, too!)

Selecting a YouTube content source on the Flockler app

Then type the name of the channel or add a link. You don’t need to be an admin of any specific channel.

Selecting the right YouTube channel on the Flockler app

Step 4: Decide if you’d like to display YouTube videos automatically or review them before embedding them on the website. If you are looking to show videos from your channel, then showing videos automatically is the recommended choice.

Moderation options for the YouTube feed
You are in full control of what is displayed on your website. Even if you’d decide to display all automatically, you can always hide videos later.

Step 5: The final step is to choose the YouTube feed layout. From Flockler’s Display tab, you can create Social Walls, Grids, Carousels, and Slideshows for your YouTube channel videos.

Selecting the layout for the YouTube channel embed code
With Flockler, you can create an unlimited number of YouTube feed embed layouts and use them in various digital services.

After choosing the layout, you will get an embed code for your YouTube video feed. You can add the embed code to your website’s HTML - including WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Webflow, Shopify, and other website builders.

Customize your YouTube feed

Settings of the YouTube feed embed code on the Flockler app
YouTube feed layout’s settings allow marketers to customize the look & feel of their embed codes. For each website and digital service, you can create Walls, Grids, Carousels, and Slideshows separately and make sure they fit the branding perfectly.

With a few clicks and without developer skills, you can customize your YouTube Channel feed and make sure it perfectly fits your website and branding.

Depending on the page and digital service, you can choose a Wall, Grid, Carousel, and Slideshow. You can create as many layouts as you like and then edit the features of each YouTube feed:

  • Show/hide YouTube video caption texts
  • Show/hide YouTube profile information
  • Show/hide timestamp
  • Select the language
  • Choose how many YouTube videos are shown
  • Enable/disable infinite scroll
  • Open the YouTube video in a popup
  • Use custom colours
  • Add custom CSS
  • Filter YouTube videos by a hashtag
  • Add CTA buttons
  • Tag videos with products from your webshop

Embedding YouTube videos on a website builder

With the instructions above, you can embed a YouTube channel on any digital service and here are detailed step-by-step tutorials for some of the most common website builders:

How to embed YouTube channel on WordPress

Start by downloading Flockler’s WordPress plugin for social media feeds. Then, follow the instructions below for Elementor, Gutenberg, and the Classic editor.

Embed YouTube channel on Elementor

  1. Add a new page on WordPress or edit an existing one.
  2. Click on Edit with the Elementor button.
  3. From the left, search for the HTML widget. 
    Selecting an HTML element on the Elementor editor
  4. Drag and drop the HTML widget into your page.
  5. A new set of editing tools on the left will open. Copy and paste your Flockler plugin shortcode for YouTube channel directly into the HTML Code field. 
    Add YouTube channel’s shortcode to the Elementor editor
  6. Update/Publish the Page.

Embed YouTube channel using Gutenberg

  1. Open the Post or Page in the WordPress admin where you’d like to embed a YouTube feed.
  2. Choose "(+) Add Block" in the top left corner of the WordPress editing tools.
  3. Next, search for the Custom HTML element and add it to your Page. 
    Selecting a Custom HTML element on the WP Gutenberg
  4. Copy and paste your YouTube video embed shortcode from Flockler’s Display tab to the element. 
    Adding the shortcode for YouTube feed to Gutenberg editor
  5. Update/Publish changes to the WordPress Post/Page.

Embed YouTube channel using the Classic editor

  1. Open the Post or Page in the WordPress admin where you’d like to add a YouTube feed.
  2. In the WordPress content editor, you’ll find options to use a Visual or Text mode. Choose Text mode.
  3. Copy and paste your unique shortcode from Flockler’s Display tab to where you would like to display the YouTube feed on WordPress.
  4. Update/Publish changes to the WordPress Post/Page.

That’s it – if you have followed the steps above, a custom YouTube video feed is now embedded on your WordPress site!

How to embed YouTube channel on Wix

On the Wix website, you can use the classic editor or Wix ADI and here are step-by-step instructions for both.

Embed YouTube channel using Wix’s classic editor

In the Wix Editor, click the + button on the left, select ‘Embed’ and then ‘Embed a widget’ from the available options.

Adding a YouTube video feed to Wix

Resize the element and then click the ‘Enter Code’ button.

Enter code to the Wix editor

Go to Flockler’s ‘Display’ tab and copy and paste the YouTube feed embed code to Wix’s editor.

Adding the YouTube feed embed code to Wix

Click the ‘Update’ button, and your Flockler layout appears on the page.

Embed YouTube channel using Wix ADI

Open the editor and click + icon on the page and select the position where you’d like to embed the YouTube feed.

Adding an element to Wix website

Then select ‘HTML Embed’ and one of the ready templates.

Selecting an HTML element for Wix website

Edit or remove the default texts and click ‘Settings’ next to HTML.

Edit HTML element setting on Wix

Make sure you select ‘Website’ from the two embed types and add the ‘Preview’ URL of Flockler to the editor. You can find the ‘Preview’ URL from Flockler’s Display tab. While you are on the editor, you can change the width and height available for the Flockler layout.

Adding YouTube channel embed code to Wix

That’s all – click to ‘Publish’ your website, and the YouTube video feed shows up on your Wix site.

How to embed YouTube channel on Squarespace

Note that you’ll need a Business plan for Squarespace to add any third-party widget.

Click to 'Edit' the page where you’d like to add a YouTube feed.

Then add an element.

Adding an element to Squarespace

Click + icon – a set of options opens up. Search and select the ‘Code’ block.

Add an HTML element to Squarespace

In the ‘Code’ block, make sure you’ve got ‘HTML’ selected from the dropdown and that you have NOT selected ‘Display source’. Paste YouTube feed embed code to the field and click 'Apply'.

Add a YouTube feed embed code to Squarespace

Next, you should see the element saying ‘Script Disabled’. Don’t worry, that’s standard behaviour on Squarespace.

Embed code added to the Squarespace

Save changes and publish the site – the YouTube channel embed will then show up on your Squarespace site!

YouTube channel feed embedded on Squarespace

How to embed YouTube channel on Webflow

Note that you’ll need a paid Webflow plan to add a third-party widget to Webflow.

Select an area where you’d like embed YouTube videos. Then just click the + icon, scroll down to the Components section, and select the ‘Embed’ button.

Adding an HTML element to Webflow

After selecting the ‘Embed’ component, an editor opens up. Add the embed code from Flockler’s Display tab to the editor and save changes.

Adding the YouTube channel feed embed code to Webflow

Remember to publish your updated version of the Webflow site, and your YouTube channel is live on the page!

How to embed YouTube channel on Shopify

In general, you can embed YouTube feeds on any Shopify page, for example, to the homepage, all product and collection pages, or any individual page. I’ll go through all the various options next.

Embed YouTube channel on Shopify homepage

To add a Youtube channel to any Shopify page, you’ll need to edit the theme layout. Go to Themes, click ‘Actions’ and select ‘Edit code’.

Editing Shopify theme

Go to 'Sections' and click 'Add a new section'.

Adding a new template to Shopify

Give it a name (e.g., flockler), and an editor opens up.

Naming the Shopify section
Editing the Shopify section

In the editor, replace the Section name with "flockler". Also, replace all after 'endschema' with Flockler’s embed code that you can find from Flockler’s Display tab.

Adding Flockler to Shopify

Save changes.

Next, scroll up the list to 'Templates', click 'index.json'.

Editing the Shopify homepage

An editor opens and you need add the following section at the top:

"flockler": {
 "type": "flockler"
Add Flockler to Shopify homepage

Scroll down the code editor, and you’ll find the order of homepage elements. Choose the right spot for Flockler and add it to the list.

Changing the order of Shopify homepage elements

Click ‘Save’, and you are all done! The YouTube channel feed will be displayed on the Shopify homepage.


Embed YouTube feed on Shopify Collections and Product pages

If you’d like the Flockler embed code to show on all collections and product pages, you can follow the above instructions. Here, the 'collection.json' and 'product.json' define layouts for all collections and products, and you can add a YouTube feed to either of them.

Embed YouTube videos on a specific Shopify page

One option is to embed YouTube videos on the individual page content. From the text editor, click the ‘HTML button’.

Add an HTML embed code to Shopify

Then add Flockler anywhere in the text.

Adding the YouTube channel embed code to Shopify

Finally, click 'Save' and the YouTube video feed is embedded on an individual page.

With Flockler, you can gather and display social media feeds from your favourite channels. See the full list of supported content types and sources

Flockler helps marketers like you to create social media feeds and display user-generated content on any digital service. Keep your audience engaged and drive sales.

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