Flockler vs Miappi: Which is Better?

Be a more effective marketer. Engage your community with unlimited shoppable feeds. Flockler is a more straightforward yet powerful way to showcase your best social content. Grow your business with a more efficient user-generated content platform.

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Curate and display content your way.

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Why choose Flockler vs Miappi

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Get more out of your budget.

Affordable excellence at scale.

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Flockler – the best Instafeed alternative

Add shoppable feeds in seconds.

We designed Flockler to be flexible and user-friendly so you can get started in seconds and focus on what matters: engaging your audience and selling more.

Make social commerce part of more aspects of your marketing game plan with shoppable feeds. Try a carousel on your homepage, a wall on landing pages, or a grid on a catalog. With Flockler, shoppable content is easy to add to Shopify or any platform and is just a start.

There's more, a lot more, that you can do with Flockler:

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