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Embedding social media is about impact. That's why we built a widget without limits. Get more out of your marketing with Flockler.

Unleash your creativity withUnlimited Widgets

Struggling with moderation?Hide content easily

Getting popular?No Page View Limits

One source. Many placements.Save money and time

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Unlimited feeds and layouts

Grow your brand your way.

A social media aggregator should bring out the best in your content. Especially when you have various websites, apps, digital displays, and tools like Sharepoint. Each needs a different feed and layout. Perhaps a carousel on the homepage but a wall on a subpage.

Multiple hashtag campaigns and events for the same fee

Save now and in the long term.

Companies run different hashtag campaigns and events throughout the year. For example, universities have welcoming days, graduation ceremonies, and sports events. Plus the hashtag campaigns change every year.

Do you run multiple hashtag campaigns or events during the year?

Unlimited filtered views for topics and product pages

Imagine you are gathering your brand's Instagram feed and displaying its content on your homepage. It would not necessarily be wise to show the same content everywhere. Wouldn't it be better to have a relevant feed on each page?

Thanks to Flockler, you are able to create unlimited Walls and other layouts. Then filter your content by a hashtag for each layout. For example, you may mention product names or topics by unique hashtags. Making it easy to show the right content on the right page.

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