Flockler’s subcontractors

Service Location Description Data transfer
Amazon Web Services EU Server hosting (not applicable)
Intercom US Support SCC
Mailgun US Transactional emails SCC
Rackspace EU Server hosting (not applicable)
Sentry US Application monitoring SCC
Stripe US Payments SCC
UpCloud EU Server hosting (not applicable)

Amazon Web Services

AWS powers our key operations for application hosting services after migration from Rackspace has been completed by the end of 2020.


Intercom powers the customer support live chat on Flockler.com for visitors and logged in users of Flockler software. It helps our clients to get in touch with the Flockler support team in real-time.


MailChimp distributes one-off emails to inform our clients regarding significant changes in Flockler software.


Mailgun provides transactional emails, such as an invitation email to a new user to join the Flockler account of your organisation and notification to reconnect your social media account. Flockler doesn’t send any emails to visitors of your services, and the emails are only related to the use of the Flockler platform in an editor, manager, or owner role.


Rackspace hosts the Flockler application and related services until the end of 2020.


Sentry monitors the application of Flockler. For example, it tracks errors on the server-side and in the application development.


Stripe processes payments of the Flockler clients who’ve decided to subscribe by credit card. The data stored in Stripe only includes the billing data provided by the Flockler account owner for each organisation.


Upcloud provides hosting services for the Flockler application and related services.

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